Tips for Feeding Chickens in Your Poultry Rearing House

feeding chickens

feeding chickens

Pullet Feeds of Feeding Chicken

Newly incubated chicks aged 0-10 weeks should be fed a nutritious chick starter diet with a ratios of 10%-20%, which are prepared to provide appropriate nutrition for the growth of chicks. Feeding chickens of starter rations of higher protein (22%-24%) are used by meat birds such as pullet chickens in automatic pullet feeding system. It is desirable for broiler and turkeys to obtain a high level protein, while is not necessary or advisable for egg laying chickens of feeding chickens.

The Growing Feeds of Feeding Chicken

At the age of 10 weeks, the starter feed chould be replaced by a grower feed. The Growing feeds are usually contains 15%-16% essential proteins and are used to maintain from growth to adult. The higher protein content is 20%  which is recommended for growing chickens of feeding chickens.

Layer Feeds of Feeding Chickens

Layer feeds are used to offer the ideal nutrition for hen laying eggs for energy consumption. Layer feeds consists of 16% protein and have to increase certain of  Calcium.For the good development of egg shell, layer feeds should be fed sufficient fodder about 18 weeks of age.

Supply  Sufficient Water of Feeding Chickens

It is essential to offer an adequate supply of fresh, clean water for your chickens all times. Chickens will drink approximately three times as much water for weight as they eat in feed. The proportion of water contains more than 70% of the weight of the chicken in the body, so if the chickens do not drink enough water, it will cause a certain impact on the growth and development of the chicken.Therefore, the first step you should do is to provide clean and automatic poultry drinking system of poultry equipment feeding chickens. For the baby chicks should only be offered water and no feed during the first hour. This will help to increase immunity and reduce stress of shipping.

feeding chicken

chicken drinking

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