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About Us

Livi is one of the outstanding poultry equipment suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in poultry farming equipment and can provide customers with a full range of automatic poultry chicken farming equipment and services. These equipment and accessories include chicken cage system (layer battery cages, broiler cages, pullet chicken cages) and poultry drinking system, automatic egg collection system,poultry manure removal system, poultry feeding system, and poultry management system.

Chicken Cage System

As an excellent poultry equipment supplier for chicken cage system, Livi Machinery is committed to providing customers with high-quality poultry farming equipment. We mainly provide layer cages, broiler cages and pullet chicken cages, and other automatic breeding equipment to chicken farmers. Our chicken cage system is specially designed for the poultry farming industry to raise a large number of chickens. Livi poultry farming equipment cage net adopts advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology, which can save manpower, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and help farmers better develop the breeding industry.

  • Automatic Layer Cage System

  • Automatic Layer Feeding System

  • automatic poultry drinking equipment

    Automatic Layer Drinking System

  • Automatic Egg Collection System

  • Automatic Egg Grading and Cleaning Machinesm

    Automatic Egg Grading and Cleaning Machines

  • Automatic Egg Grading And Packing Machine

    Automatic Egg Grading And Packing Machine

  • Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage System

  • Automatic Pullet Feeding System

    Automatic Pullet Feeding System

  • Automatic Pullet Drinking System

  • Automatic Broiler Cage System

  • Automatic Broiler Feeding System

    Automatic Broiler Feeding System

  • Automatic Broiler Drinking System 

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Poultry Farming Equipment

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Automatic Environment Control System With the features of huge air volume, low noise and energy consumption; you can know the ...
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Poultry Drinking System The poultry drinking water system is mainly used to provide sufficient clean and sanitary water for the ...
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