Automatic Broiler Feeding System

Based on the principle of mutual benefit, credit management policy , Livi Machinery adhere to the philosophy of  people centered, quality first and has got a good reputation for poultry broiler rearing equipment.  And the broiler feeding system is important for broiler farmers. Livi will provide the details of  automatic broiler feeding system of feeder pan for use and general instruction for most poultry farmers, if you follow the instructions Livi believes that your poultry farming and earnings from chicken industry would witness a high efficiency. The broiler feeding system is Livi’s leading broiler feeding system.

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There are 14 branches of grilles and six kinds of gears for shifting the amount of feed in your convenient. Each of chicken feeder pan can breed fourty-fifty chickens and about 150 kilos in weight. It’s made of PE material. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted to the center of it, thus avoid the waste caused by the feed spilling. Bottom suspension type can be disassembled and flushed easily. The installation mode of the automatic chicken feeder pan on the material tube is divided into two kinds: fixed type and swing type according to the requirement. The efficiency of the feed pan is already proved in broilers industry for many years, which allows the birds to reach to the feed easily through their whole life. It offers easy cleaning, un-assembling and high yield.



  • The 360° flood provides a large amount of feed at the edge of the pan making it easily accessible.
  • Swinging pan yields less bird injury and is easy to clean.
  • Simply spray clean, open the bottom and let dry.
  • Each pan has the feature of a feed saver lip which reduces waste.

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