Automatic Layer Drinking System in Poultry Farming— Livi Machinery 

Automatic layer drinking system is one of the most essential equipment in the whole poultry industry, which needs scientific design and convenient operation. Livi Machinery produces a series of automatic drinking system in spirit of “customer first” and “creating high efficiency products for our clients”. Installed with nipple drinker in the layer chicken cage. Livi nipple drinker is produced in an excellent processing workshop without leaking. The V shape of water trough collects water and lower the waste of water while the birds drinking to the maximum.


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The automatic layer drinking system mainly includes a filter, a doser, a pressure regulator, a drinking cup and an automatic decompression tank. Our automated poultry drinking water system is not only suitable for laying hens, but also for broilers and chicks. Livi Machinery is built with the most advanced technology and professional design team. The products we provide have been widely used in the poultry breeding industry.

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The Advantages of Layer Drinking Nipples:

  • Easy to clean with its special hinge system.
  • Ease of use and cleaning with high sensitivity.
  • Installation and removal easy cleaning, eliminates glue, bonding costs, use without washing, can reduce labor intensity.
  • High durability of the materials used for the import of high grade stainless steel, high wear-formaldehyde resin, used properly, can be used for 20 years.
  • Low water pressure, flow sciences, high practicality, precision CNC manufacturing.
  • Watertight, impermeable, water conservation, to ensure that manure drying, improve the survival rate of chicken and decreased maintenance cost.

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