The Chciken Coop Temperature Control System in Different Seasons

Chciken coop temperature control has the greatest impact on the performance of chickens’ growth. For pullet chickens, they are less resistant to disease and strict to temperature requirements. However, at the maturing and laying stages, the proper chciken coop temperature is the guarantee for normal performance of chickens. If the chciken coop temperature is higher, then the feed intake of chicken decreased, the rate of feed conversion decreased, broiler weight gain slowly, egg shell quality decline, and egg production rate decreased.

Low chciken coop temperature will increase the need for maintenance of chickens, slow growth, increased feed-to-egg ratio and feed-meat ratio. Too low chciken coop temperature in winter and excessive temperature fluctuation in chicken coop, which will reduce the resistance of disease and reduce egg production and induce respiratory diseases until the feather shut down. We can see that temperature is the main environmental factors that lead to poultry heat stress and affect the health and performance of chickens.

For layer chickns, the most suitable chciken coop temperature is 18 ℃ ~ 23 ℃. At appropriate temperatures, layer chickns show high feed utilization, resistance to disease, high egg production, and bring to high economic benefits. When chickens are in or below this range, they primarily dissipate heat through non-evaporative forms. The effect of non-evaporative cooling is greatly diminished when exposed to high temperatures. Because of feather coverage and lack of sweat glands, The only way chickens reduce body temperature is to remove the heat by breathing, however, it can only play part effects of reduce body temperature.

chicken coop temperature

Environmental Control System

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