Poultry Manure Removal System

The poultry manure removal system in Livi industry includes two types: A-typeand H-type and the manure removal system with scrapper. This  manure removal system offers the best solution to provide the hygienic environment for poultry cage system for breeding and rearing.

H-type cage equipped with manure removal system

H-type cage equipped with manure removal system

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It is familar for poultry farmers that removing manure by people spends much manpower, costs and management for the poor working environment, high intensity of labor. Livi poultry manure removal system is primarily used with the poultry cage system to dry and get rid of the poultry manure in the poultry farming cages and keep the poultry cages clean and hygienic. This can provide the optimum cage environment for chickens.

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Functions of Manure Removal System In Zhengzhou Livi Machinery

  • The poultry manure removal system is carried out using material of polypropylene belts as often as every 2 days, depending on the length of the chicken industry. The poultry manure was transported to the outside where it was collected on trucks.  And the percentage humidity of the manure varied between 80% and 85%.
  • Livi poultry manure removal system  has developed a treatment system that dries 85% of the manure and eliminates odors, insects and gases derived from the ammonia.
  • Once removed, the manure is transported to the upper belt of the manure drying system where a rake spreads it out, forming a fine conditions for layer environment. Via a tunnel that connects with the shed and with the aid of powerful ventilators, the system uses the heat  generated by the birds themselves to dry the layer of manure. Then, it is allowed to fall to a lower belt of the tunnel after another drying process.
  • Thus manure that comes from the cages is carried in a zigzag motion from the upper tiers to the bottom tiers till it is transferred to the warehouse. With the help of this system, the poultry farmer can convert the manure into a commercial income that can either be used as a natural fertilizer or be further processed into pellets.
  • Another positive aspect of this quick drying method is that the proteins are not transformed into ammonia and therefore the ammonia gas expulsion is decreased to more than 90%.

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Features of Livi Poultry Manure Removal System:

1. The poultry manure removal system can clean poultry manure in all seasons and consumes minimal energy, which can reduce manure disposal costs and can even yield a profit if sold.

2. Manure belts made in Italy with the highest quality and durable.

3. It improves the living condition of chickens and reduces the density of ammonia, which has an active effect on the health of the chickens.

4. With the help of poultry manure removal system, it is possible to heighten 90% manure drying.

5. The scrapper is manufactured in durable and strong stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel, and the support frame is made of aluminum zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board.

6. Remove the manure with highest speed and the cleaning percentage is higher than removing manure by people, thus to reduce the disease rate.

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