Automatic Layer Feeding System

Automatic Layer Feeding System—Livi Machinery

Automatic layer feeding system offered byLivi Machinery equipped with a complete of layer drinking equipment, which including into feed silo, automatic ladder type layer feeding system, feed troughs and so on.

Farmers should consider about the technology power strengths, faithful and full set of installation service and after-sale service. Feed silo is a kind of dry powder feed or granular feed storage equipment which is suitable for large scale and medium-sized farms, and it can feed the feeding equipment at the discharging port. Under the condition of keeping hens in good breeding and management environment, the poultry feeding system is very important to the performance of layer, so Zhengzhou Livi industry manufactures poultry equipment system is a good and modern layer cage manufacturers and can be trusted.

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Automatic ladder type layer feeding system are scientifically designed, reasonable structure, durable, easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button to complete the feeding operation, saving labor, centralized control, easy to prevent and control disease spread, and to extend the chicken laying period, is the ideal equipment of green ecological farming. Poultry farm feeding system is the ideal chicken battery cages system adopt hot galvanized steel, which is anti-corrosive and durable and can be used for about 15-20 years. The centralization of management can save energy and labor cost.

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By the self-service terminals without going to operate the system one by one personally thus lower the cost on labor and save unnecessary manpower, and it does not require any person to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process,  for the whole process is completely automated. Feed Troughs is made of  PVC and different dimensions design according clients’ need, or made by 1.0–1.20 mm hot galvanized steel sheets with round edge for convenient cleaning ,solid and durable design.

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