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Automatic H-Type Broiler Chicken Cage-Livi Poultry Equipment


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Broiler chicken battery cages is an essential part of modern industrial poultry rearing on chicken farm. The price of battery broiler chicken cage mainly depends on the cost of production and a piece of broiler poultry equipment, therefore poultry manufacturers have to be more wise about the selection of farming case and strategies. Broiler cages of Livi Machinery for chicken poultry rearing are specialized for high density and large scale rearing of broiler chickens. The basic structure of the cage is almost identical to the cage, but the only difference is we can adopt the farming mode of feeding grounds for broilers.

Type: H-Type

Tiers: 3 – 8 Tiers

Raw material: International Q235 steel

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

Life span:15-20 year

Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying

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The H-type broiler cage is one of the poultry raising system. It is suitable for broilers 15 days old. Raising broilers in battery broiler cages can save farming feed and save a lot of farming feed. Chickens are kept in cages, with less exercise, less energy consumption, and less waste. Cage breeding can effectively save breeding costs by more than 25%.

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The Features of Broiler Cage System in Livi Machinery

  • Overall less cost in battery broiler cage system.
  • The per unit area density of rearing broilers increase 50%-100% compared with flooring rearing system.
  • Flocks birds are kept away from manure in broiler battery cage, enormously help improve the Overall performance for broiler health.
  • Main components of the broiler cage system are consisting of hot-dip galvanized sheet and wire material, which is elected for the metal body to avoid corrosion or rust on the cages of chicken farm.
  • To lessen the loss of feed wastage, the design of broiler cage is modified that the feed lost comes to a minimum level.

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