Automatic Pullet Drinking System

In the whole process of  pullet raising system, besides the necessary diverse of pullet cage system, poultry farmers need to know the importance of pullet drinking system. Because the amount of water is about more  three times than the amount of feed, and the higher the temperature, the more amount of water. Therefore, it is  important to provide adequate and clean water supply for pullet. Livi machinery has a famous and reputablepullet drinking system for you to choose.

layer drinking equipment

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Characters of Product :
1. Multiple flow rate for option: 10-150 ml/min (hydrostatic pressure 3KPa or 30 cm high). Water flow can be doubled with the increase of water pressure. All are with excellent sealing performance in a wide pressure range ( pressure from a few centimeters to several meters or more).
2. Save water: Using nipple drinker, clean, water-saving, keeping manure dry. Do not need to wash, improve feed efficiency.
3. Avoid disease: The water doesn't directly expose to the chicken house because of drinking system good sealing performance, keep away from dust and pathogens,also avoiding the cross infection caused by drinking water, reduce the spread of disease.
4. Save labor : Using nipple drinkers can eliminate manual rinse sink work, increased labor productivity.
Nipple drinker hanging cup is suitable for chicken of poultry nipple drinker, it is widely used in the chicken farm for its feature of labor-saving.
1. Color: Yellow, Orange, Red.
2. Material: PP.
3. Used for hanging nipple drinkers to avoid water drip.
4. This product can be used in conjunction with drip drinking nipple, saving more water, prevent water from dripping.
If you want to be a successful poultry businessman, it is not enough just do the above measures, and when you decide to buy our pullet cage system equipped with pullet drinking system,Livi will continuously give you best service and management for pullet growing condition. Welcome to inquiry us in any time.

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