Automatic Layer Chicken cage System

Automatic H-Type Layer Chicken Cage Features

Full set of H-type layer chicken cages for sale adopt progressive plating process of  electrostatic spraying, with the features of  corrosion-resistant, and cages life can keep up to 15-20 years. You can operate it intensively and automatically in poultry management system, which also make the layer feeding system, drinking system, manure removal system, egg collection system coming into an automatic era, and improving manpower and saving labor costs greatly. Poultry farming can achieve unprecedented scale of up to 10 high-density farming that can save land, and reduce construction investment and management costs, which are all suitable for enclosed house, automatic control of ventilation and temperature so that ensure the chicken coop environment more clean. It is easy to deliver and install for clients farming and making maintenance.


Type: A-Type and H-Type

Tiers: A-Type ( 3 – 4 Tiers ); H-Type ( 3 – 8 Tiers )

Raw material: International Q235 steel

Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

Life span:15-20 year

Anti-corrosion treatment process: Electrostatic spraying

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Automatic A-Type Layer Chicken Cage Features

A-Type Layer Chicken Cages have the structure of stable and durable, and full set of chicken layer cages adopt progressive plating process of electrostatic spraying . livi Poultry equipment system employs automatic feeding, drinking, cleaning, pick up eggs, centralized management, and automatic control system, which guarantee the energy conservation. The design of automatic feeding trolley system structure is reasonable for adjusting the height of the feeder and the feeding volume. It is efficient for automatic egg collection system to improve the productivity of labour and reduce the rate of broken eggs. Moreover, adopting scraping type of cleaning manure can reduce environmental pollution and increase cleaning efficiency.

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The number of units of automatic layer chicken cages can vary according to your necessity. Farmers need to get one starter for every row of cages. And the cage must need to be minimum 1 meter away from the wall to keep good humidity and air circulation. Then you need to install a large number of system with a roof tank to feed water to the birds inside the layer cage.

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