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What’s the special treatment of your chicken cages? +

The cages adopt electrostatic spraying treatment. Compared with traditional metal plating process, electrostatic spraying process is much  more environmental  friendly and anticorrosive; the coating with silky appearance is self-cleaning, which can greatly reduce the infection rate of chicken disease.

Which kind of automatic equipments do I need? +

A whole series of a poultry chicken house including incubator, cages, automatic feeder, feeding silo, automatic  egg collector ,automatic manure removal machine, ventilation cooling system, heater. But what are you really need depends on the scale of your chicken house, the climate and the condition of electricity of your place. Don’t worry, we can make a cost-efficient choice for you.

Will you provide the production updating? +

Once you choose us as your supplier, we will give you the production upgrade every 5 years, and we will try our best to meet all your reasonable requests.

Can the products be customized? +

We can produce the products according to your detailed requirements.

How to start a chicken house? +

Tell us the size and type of your house / shed and the quantity of chickens ( broiler or layers? ) you want to raise, we would lead you step by step and help design for you freely.

How many cages do I need? +

It depends on how many chickens you want to breed or the size of your chicken house / shed.

How about your after-sale service? +

Once everything is ready, we will contact you monthly, and we will give you the satisfying answers to the technical problems about the automatic equipment.