Egg Grading and Packing Machine

egg grading and packing machine

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We are always offering the best quality of egg grading and packing machine to the customers in the scope of their turn key poultry projects by using Livi's  grading and packing machines with  scientific designe structure. A candling booth is standard on our grading and packing system. From the start of the machine until the package, all eggs are handled separately without risk of cracks caused by colliding eggs. This concept is world-famous by the name of “individual egg handling”. The automatic packing lanes start with a denester and pin conveyor. This combination has proved to be the most reliable and versatile system for many years. The control system of the packing lane is amazingly simple. The packing lane movements are stored on an exchangeable metal disk – easy to understand and easy to modify. Also new packages that will become available in the future are easily implemented by means of egg grading and packing machine system.


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Features of Livi egg grading and packing machine
• Maximum capacity 30,000 eggs/hour
• Individual egg handling
• Full stainless steel
• Easy to operate and to maintain
• Simple control PLC functions via touch screen
• Robust design
• Can handle a large variety of different packages

Basic operation of poultry egg grading packing machine
Usually only five grades and 5400 pcs/h may produce regret to some clients. But it doesn't matter,the combination of Egg grading machines and conveyor belt will solve this problem and greatly increase production. Productivity is up to 10000 pcs/h, 20000 pcs/h and more.
1. workers can load the eggs onto the conveying and sequence collating belt manually or by vacuum egg lifter (optical).
2. the conveying belt and sequence collating belt will transport all the eggs into the egg candling all the eggs will be checked by the transmitted light then experienced workers can select out the damaged eggs.
3. the rollers on the egg graders will transport all the eggs onto the mechanical egg weighing the system will weigh all the eggs.
4. eggs of different weight will fall onto different lanes on the egg collecting belt, thus, workers should collect eggs from different lanes onto different egg trays.

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