Why to Choose Automatic Chicken Cage to Raise for Poultry Farm?

With the large-scale and  intensified development of poultry farm, more and more poultry farm chickens have be raised in automatic cages, because automatic chicken cages have the following advantages:

(1) Raise feeding density. The density of chickens in cage farming is three times as big as the density of breeding farming. For example, 17 or more laying hens can be raised per square meter;

(2) Save feed. Feeding layer chickens in the automatic layer cage system have less exercise, less energy consumption, thus reducing fodder waste. The implementation of artificial insemination,it can reduce the proportion of cock breeding;

(3) Chicken can not touch the feces,  which is conducive to the prevention of  flock epidemic ;

(4) Eggs are relatively clean, for the adoptation of automatic egg grading and cleaning equipment.

However, many farmers do not know the processing technology of poultry cages, how to choose good quality and long life cage? In the automated chicken raising equipment, it is important to choose good quality automatic chicken cage. There are currently four kinds of surface processing technology of chicken cages in the market for chicken farmers to choose:

  1. Cold galvanized. Cold galvanized, also known as galvanized. With the thin coating of it, cold galvanized has the advantages of smooth surface and high brightness. but it generally rust when 2-3 years , 6-7 years of life, cold galvanized can be divided into Color zinc or white zinc, the effect is similar.
  2. Hot dip galvanized. Hot-dip galvanizing, also known as hot-dip zinc, galvanized layer thickness, usually more than 80μm considered eligible, generally not easy to rust, high corrosion resistance, generally can be used 15 years – 20 years, but the disadvantage is galvanized zinc bath Uneven, causing more burr, the need for manual processing. Galvanized cages are the first choice for automated farming, but the general price will be higher than the other.
  3.  Spraying cages, which is the powder coating by high-pressure static electrostatic attraction to the cage, in the middle of the cage and paint to form a highly corrosion-resistant phosphate coating, but spraying the chicken cages easier to stick chicken manure, a long time also Easily aging off, this cage is relatively rare in the market, the market is relatively small.
  4. Zinc alloy chicken cage. The use of zinc-aluminum alloy wire welding directly, no longer do any post-processing. Such cages welding requirements are relatively high, the welding is not good, the solder joints will rust, if the master the good life expectancy of more than 10 years, most imported chicken equipment is used in this type of mesh.
poultry farm

Cage mesh

When it comes to the durability of all above, hot dip galvanized mental process is much higher than zinc aluminum alloy process, spray coating mental process and cold galvanized mental process. Zhengzhou Livi can provide you the automatic poultry farm equipment and low cost poultry chicken cage. Welcome to inquiry us, we will reply you within 6 hours.

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