Automatic Gantry Feeding Machine

Automatic gantry feeding machine in Livi Machinery consists of frame, feeding box, feed sprocket, chain plate, electrical machine and so on. It is an ideal choice for large-scale chicken farm. The application of the automatic gantry feeding machine can guaranteen feeding evenly and can also realize quantitative and proportional feeding. The principle of gantry working is that sprocket driven chain plate rotating after  motor driver sprocket feeding machine, in the end the rotating chain plate will brought materials out from feeding box again.

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The automatic gantry feeding system outside the chicken house transport the feed into feed silos, and then the conveying device transport the feed to the traveling hopper according to the set time. Gantry feeding machine is usually equipped with a-type ladder cages. Support one-machine multiple-row feeding, a hen house is usually equipped with a feeder to meet the normal requirements of automatic feeding.  It adopts remote control switch to make remote control come true and adjust walking speed.

The track is made of 3mm×5mm square steel and it’s road wheel is made of No.45 round steel amke sure that feeding evenly, low noise and save energy. Customer can adjust itself according to rearing conditions, effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

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With the features of a high degree of automation, low noise, even feeding and long service life, the automatic gantry feeding machine uses lifting material, hopper and rail hopper, which also greatly improve the productivity of labor and avoid cross-infection and spread of the epidemic viruscaused by manual feeding.

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