Poultry Drinking System

The poultry drinking water system is mainly used to provide sufficient clean and sanitary water for the chickens. It is suitable for all types of chickens, laying chickens and chicks. Poultry drinking equipment is widely used by customers because of the advantages of easy cleaning and almost no maintenance.

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The Livi poultry drinking system includes a filter, a doser, a pressure regulator and a waterer. It has an excellent design so that the chickens can drink enough water in the chicken cage. The use of pressure regulator and filter can adjust the water pressure to the most suitable position. Then, guided by the piping system, the filtered water flows to the pressure reducer of each individual drinking line. The pressure reducer can achieve low pressure to achieve the best function of the waterer. Now all chickens can drink water. More importantly, you can add drugs or vitamins to the water, which is very convenient.

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