Poultry Management System

Livi  Machinery is proud to announce a complete line of custom motor control panels in addition to our standard poultry management system of poultry house controls and an integrated solution in poultry house controls. This means it is possible to order all your control panels from poultry management with the total confidence that everything will be designed to work together as a complete system.

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Livi poultry management system is a modular system which manages all integrated aspects of a poultry house: climate, temperature, feed, drinking, weighing and ventilation. The poultry farm management system in Livi machinery is an intelligent electrical cabinet system, which is an automatic system and especially suitable for the standard poultry rearing system.

The electrical cabinet aims to control the lateral exhaust fans, longitudinal exhaust fans, cooling pads, pumps, feed conversion and so on. The features of electrical cabinet is to save labor. As the electrical cabinet is simple to operate and runs stably, it also can satisfy the big scale poultry farms well.

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There are some main points for poultry layer farming management. First, on the  fifth day, the rate of old chicks choking has been basic stereotypes, if you want to lower the rate of it, just pick up superior quality of layer chicks, and keep up the stable temperature. Then, on the thirty-fifth day of laying hens, you must pick out the poor quality of the flocks fed alone, and add good nutrition, at this time the degree and weight determine the late egg production, egg size, peak time, eliminate the number of chickens and so on. It can also automatically lowering temperature, insulating and alarming.


Features of the Fully Automatic Poultry Management System:

1) Fully automatic, lower cost, high efficient
2) Artificial light, rapid growth and breed rate.
3) Adjust the temperature and lower the death rate.
4) Balance the quantity of feed and water rate.
5) Lower the frequency of disturb and prolong the life-span
6) Easy to install and operate.
7) Ensure you to know the details inside the chicken house

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