Chicken Poultry Farm Equipment for Broiler Rearing Equipment

The New Stage For Broiler Rearing Industry

The current chicken raising industry has been transformed from the traditional free range farm to the battery cage farming mode. The benefit brought by raised mode of chicken poultry farm equipment is very considerable. With the continuous development of livestock and poultry husbandry, an international livestock husbandry machinery company and China Agricultural Machinery Institute developed a four-tier poultry battery cage equipment for broiler rearing equipment with the poultry feeding density of 26 to 28 per square meter, which is a great progress for broiler poultry farm equipment. The area is more than doubled, saving both the construction area and the efficiency of cage raising.

Battery cage system for broilers are becoming and more popular in for broiler raising industry.

Your Broilers Are Farmed in Such Good Cage System

The broiler battery chicken farm equipment series products are: four-tier of broiler rearing cages and the accessories equipment for broilers such as the trolley feeding machine, automatic chicken manure cleaning machine, poultry ventilation machine, automatic drinking water and feeding system.

Some of poultry farmers choose our poultry farm equipment for broiler products lack of relevant knowledge for them, thus, when you are going to purchase it, you should know the following knowledge. Let’s look at the knowledge of broiler rearing cage products.

The poultry farm equipment of broiler rearing cage mesh material is high quality broiler rearing cage mesh adopted the steel wire, which are sprayed by electrostatic process so the tensile strength up to 490MPa, elongation up to 23%.

No matter what types of broiler rearing cage system, you can finally find out the one that suitable for your farm and chicken coop.

Firstly, broiler rearing cages can reduce the incidence of epidemics. Broiler can not in contact with the feces, which is conducive to controlling the occurrence of diseases. Chicken feces leaks under the cage and can be cleaned in time. At the same time, fan ventilation in broiler house is able to reduce the harmful gas content in the house.

Secondly, because chickens are kept in cages instead of the ground, which is conducive to air circulation and provide suitable environmental conditions for broilers.

In addition, broiler chickens raised in broiler cages reduce the cost of disease prevention and reduce their own physical energy consumption. Broiler cages limit the activities of broilers, reduce energy consumption, shorten production cycles, and greatly increase the number of slaughtered broilers per unit volume.

You Are Bound to Choose Following Chicken Cages Equipment for Sale in Your Chicken Farm

The Reason Why You Chooes Livi Chicken Cages For Sale

Most large or middle scale chicken farms have the same characteristic of introducing the high-efficiency chicken farm equipment and more advanced farm chicken tips. We believe your chicken farm industry could have better earnings for the reason of owning a complete automatic chicken farm equipment in Livi Machinery.

The complete equipment of chicken cages for sale include layer poultry farming equipment, poultry farming equipments for broilers products and baby chick farming equipment. Each type of chicken cages for sale can be divided into two types – ladder type cages for sale and stacked cages for sale. And the poultry farming equipment for broiler products can also be divided into flat raising and battery cage raising mode. You can chooce the suitable chicken cages for sale and raising mode for your chicken farm equipment.

Chicken farm equipment for sale in Livi Machinery have the ability of long service life and automated large scale farm.

The Detailed Advantages Would Assure You That You Need it

All wire meshes of  chicken cages for sale are electrostatically sprayed, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than that of common cage wire mesh. If you want to keep the poultry farming business for a long time, and the chicken cage farm equipment for sale can make a good a performance in your chicken farm.

Next, you may learn about our automatic chicken feeding system in our whole chicken farm equipment. The automated chicken feeding system consists of feed silos, drives, feed pipes and augers .With the sealed design, automatic feeding can improve the efficiency of management, reduce various cross-infection, and achieve a high degree of automation of the entire chicken farm production process.

In addition, Livi Machniery provide the automatic gantry feeding machinery and automatic ladder type feeding machine to match your chicken cage equipment. For newly built poultry house, the features of simple and efficient structure as well as lower cost are more suitable for you to invest. And the ladder type of hopper trolley feeding machine are the top feeding machine with features of compact features, smooth and accurate feed drop,and taking up smaller space in your chicken house.

Feeding trolly machine can take up smaller space in your farm.
Gantry feeding machine in your poultry farm are the low price and simple structure in poultry farm.

We insist on that quality and automatization are our objective. We know that the lower cost on the poultry farming equipment is your principle, than we can make sure the advanced modern chicken farm equipment and chicken coop design we offered you are the best one!

Poultry Farming Equipment is As Important As Poultry Feed – You Deserve It

Poultry Farm Equipment – The Best Poultry Battery Cage System

For raising chickens, there are many factors before you start to raising chickens such as poultry feed, poultry farming equipment, feed management technology and the cost investment of poultry farm. Before farming chickens, poultry farmers need to pay attention to the calculation of their total number of chickens, how much the cost is probably needed, and a relative exact budget for raising chickens would lay a foundation for the next raising step. In the process of farming chickens, you should prepare enough poultry feed for your chickens, and you should know that poultry feed is an important key to ensuring the healthy growth of chickens.

Next, one of the most important factors for raising chickens is to offer your chickens a relative comfortable place – the modern poultry farming equipment. The so-called modernization chicken farm equipment means that chickens are living in an automatic poultry farm cage system that the poultry feeding, poultry watering, chicken waste disposal system are all controlled in the automatic poultry management system in Livi poultry farming equipment manufacturers.

H-type chicken farm cage have the capacity of higher incubation rate and the breeding chickens can move without limitation.

The application of automatic poultry farming equipment is based on the layer poultry farming equipment, poultry farming equipment for broiler products and baby chicks cage system. No matter what breeds of chicken types, they are all housed in chicken farm cages. This not only ensures the rational utilization for the area of the chicken house, but also improves the chicken coop’s environment especially for the chicken waste disposal than the flat raising. The poultry manure removal system can effectively reduce the disease caused by fecal infection, make the chicken grow more robustly, and provide a clean chicken in a warm environment, the time for slaughter is greatly advanced.

Baby chick cage system in Livi Machicnery are also the best selling products.

Poultry farming equipment – produce more profit for poultry raising industry

  1. Adopting the automatic chicken breeding equipment can save the cost of poultry feed, because the feed amount can be set by the automatic poultry feeder. The farmers can reasonably control the amount of poultry feed according to the different stages of the raising-chicken, and the equipment can make every The chickens evenly eat the feed to ensure the uniformity of the flock.
  2. Moreover, the chickens are kept in cages, the range of activities is small, and the natural energy consumption is small. Then the demand for feed will become smaller. Automatic chicken breeding equipment can effectively save more than 25% of chicken feed costs.

Choose poultry farming equipment are the trend for modern poultry farm industry. You can just tell us what breeds you want to raise and how many chickerns in your feature poultry farm, we will give you the chicken coop design for you.

Automatic Poultry Cage of Layer Battery Cage For Sale

Automatic Battery Cage Equipment or Manual Labour?

The automatic poultry cage chicken farm is highly automated and the chicken farm is even unattended on some holidays. At a poultry cage house with a very high stocking density, when to raise the temperature of poultry cage house, when to ventilate and when to feed, and also the management of poultry layer battery cage house light are all determined by the central control computer system of poultry management system to control them in a coordinated manner. Due to the precise control for battery cage for sale, some poultry cage farms that use automated farming equipment have very good effectiveness, and getting the high ratio of material to meat and material to egg ratio.

Layer automated battery cage system in Livi Machinery are the hot sale products.

Livi Machinery is a leading supplier of high quality poultry battery cage for sale equipment. The automated poultry battery farm equipment is our main distinctive equipment which includes poultry battery cage system, automated poultry feeding system, automatic poultry drinking System, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system and egg processing equipment, poultry farm environment control system, poultry management system and other related equipments.

As for the poultry battery cages, Livi has broiler battery cages, layer battery cages, and brooding cages. The Livi industry also produces poultry feeder and poultry waterer. And the poultry battery cage for layer cage can also be divided into A-type and H-type.

Our clients of chicken farm adopt the battery cage farming, that obtain objective benefits.

Some direct advantages of poultry battery layer cage equipment used by our clients are obvious. The special construction of layer battery chicken cage can make the chicken’s light-receiving even, so that the chicken can grow evenly and healthily, which brings about the uniformity of the whole chicken flocks, ensures that the chickens enter the market at the same time and brings the objective economic benefits to the farmer.

Chicken farm equipment for layers have two types. this is the A-type cage system.


The above are about the considerable economic benefits that can be invented for the farmer during the use of  Livi automatic poultry battery cage. We hope our poultry cage will enable the farmers to equip with them and please inquiry us if you are in need.


Chicken Equipments Used in Poultry Farming Industries

Equipments used in poultry farming industry are the most basic chicken farming equipment for poultry farmers when raising chickens. They are also the main chicken farm equipment products for most chicken cage manufacturers. Most equipments used in poultry farming produced by each chicken cage manufacturers are:  layer chicken cage for sale, broiler poultry farming equipment, and baby chick cages. It is to provide a suitable growth environment for the chickens to help farmers have a good profitability.

Equipment used in poultry farming industries for laying hens would be a farming trend.

Livi automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturing have kinds of sizes of equipments used in poultry farming manufactured by International Standard of cage mesh-electrostatic spraying process, poultry farmers can be reliable to our chicken farm equipment. So this requires the poultry breeders to supply their own actual feeding conditions for the cage farming manufacturers when they are purchasing chicken farm equipment so as to assist the breeders in selecting suitable cages.

Laying hens for sale in Livi Machinery are in different types for breeders to choose.

The poultry feeder of equipments used in poultry farming is used to feed the flock. In general, the breeders who use the automatic layer rearing equipment will pick and use the feed silo and ladder feed system to feed. The quality of the poultry feeding machines produced by different chicken cage factories is not the same. Livi Machicnery equipped with the advanced poultry feeder of equipments used in poultry farming.Therefore, our poultry framing equipments for poultry feeding machine have the longer service life than others. Please trust the large poultry farming equipment manufacturers to select high quality products for chicken equipment.

Poultry farming supplies are important equipment used in poultry farm.

The automatic poultry farming supplies of poultry manure removal system is also an important equipment used in poultry farming.There are two main types of manure removal machines – conveyor belt type manure removal machine and scraper type manure removal machine. The materials used in the production of the manure removal machine in different coop factories are not the same. We have the advanced poultry manure removal machine of equipments used in poultry farming which use PP material conveyor belt and is not prone to cracking for its longer service life and its corrosion resistance.

Chicken cages for sale are in good sales volume for their automatic and high benefits in poultry farm.

Chicken farm equipment used in poultry farming industries have been a popular trend for its lower risk of investment and stable benefits in your breeding career. Livi welcome you are able to start your poultry farm and we can provide you our automatic poultry farming equipments.

Raising Chickens for Hen Farm Used By Chicken Farm Equipment

How to Choose The Proper Chicken Farm Equipmemt For Hen Farm?

There are some methods for poultry farmers to choose proper chicken farm equipment when you begin to start your poultry business for hen farm.

First of all, you should consider some compulsory factors like the conditions of its own environment and geography. And then select the chicken farm equipment that suits the advanced cage material of eletrostatic spraying process, including the demand for functions, and the necessity chicken cage equipment such as automatic layer rearing equipment and layer baby rearing equipment according to the different stages of raising chickens.

Secondly, chicken farm equipment is one of the important equipments and also indispensable in the prosess of raising chickens. Therefore, the high-quality chicken farn equipment for automatic layer chicken cage system  can give a very comfortable environment for the raised chickens, which will help improve the chicken’s egg production and meat quality.

Our layer chicken cage equipment are very suitable for large scale raising chickens farm.

Thirdly, it is also necessary to consider the associated products  equipped with the chicken farm equipment in the process of selecting chicken cages – such as the rational application of automatic layer feeding system, poultry manure removal system and autoamtic layer drinking system. If these supporting equipment can be matched with the chicken farm equipment, it will not only save labor costs, improve the efficiency of raising chickens, but also have an unintended harvest on the future raising chickens industry.

Some Typical Chicken Farm Equipment For Hen Farm

There are some typical layer cage types – A-type chicken cage and H-type chicken cage system. The A-type chicken cage also called stepped chicken cage. The specific structure of it  can be divided into the upper and lower tiers which are completely staggered and there are multilevel chicken farm equipment for A-type cage system. In such A-type cage system, it is usually only necessary to use one tier of poultry manure removal at the bottom of the chicken cage, thereby saving part of the material of the cleaning system.

The stepped chicken cage also called A-type chickencage system. It can supply chickens a very comfortable environment.

The H-type chicken cage system have a large capacity for raising chickens for hen farm than stepped layer chicken cage raising mode. With a stacked chicken cage raising chickens, you don’t have to worry about high investment, we can customize a relatively lower investment for you. In addition, the application of stacked chicken farm equipment at the same farming scale will increase the stocking density, save land, and increase the degree of intensification.

Stacked chicken cage also called H-type chicken cage equipmement, which can raise more chickens and save land of chicken coops.

The Necessory Equipment For Hen Farm – Egg Processing Machine

The egg processing equipment that integrates equipment and technology is the key factor to the development of the layer rearing equipment and egg processing industry. Due to the different characteristics of eggs and processing methods, the egg processing equipment is also different. According to the different functions of the egg processing equipment, it can be divided into: egg collection equipment, egg washing machine, egg packing equipment, and egg grading machine. Those equipment are very important for your hen farm and the commercial eggs laid by hens are also standard for market needs.

The egg collection machine is automatic machine to save human beings energy.

All in all, the chicken farm equipment for hen farm in Livi Machinery are very standard and professional raising chickens equipment, which can satisfy most of our clients’ demands for higher interests. Welcome your inquiry.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

Everything You Need To Know About Automatic Hen Cage System in Your Hen Farm

Two kinds of automatic hen cage system are available for your hen farm

We equipped with automatic layer rearing equipment such as automatic layer chicken cage system and automatic farming accessories equipment to suit the whole set of hen cage equipment. Hen cage system are divided into stacked hen cage and stepped hen cage. You can introduce any kind of hen cage in your hen farm, because each of them all have features for the poultry farming industry.

For example, the space required for satcked hen cage is small. And the hen cage tier can up to 10 tiers. So we accept your customized hen cage system planing or you can tell us your hen cage farming vision, a perfect cage system for hens is must suitable for your farm. The higher efficiency will be obtained when you introduce the stacked hen cage which can reach more breeding areas for every hen, the increasing the egg production. The automatic layer drinking system can ensure that the water pressure in the nipple is equal, to ensure that the layer of drinking water in hen cage farming. Hen cage system with poultry manure removal system can ensure the cleanliness of the cage system, reduce the breeding of bacteria and the disease rate and mortality of laying hens.

H-type hen cage have a large capacity of laying hens to increase your cage efficiency.

Compared with stacked hen cage systems, the investment of stepped hen cage system can be reduced for your hen farm. The hen cage for stepped type can be made 4 or 5 doors according to customer’s needs. The ventilation effect is much better to ensure that the layer chickens within the cage system will not suffocation to die due to high temperature.

Cage for hens is specific and automatic poultry farming equipment to serve your hen farm.

Dose Your Hen Cage System Have a Long Service Life?

The answer to the question is definitely yes. Our cage system for hens adopt the specific cage mesh to prolong the cage service life.Which kind of cage mesh treatment is better for hen cage? Most farmers are unfamiliar with it. We will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic spray-coated treatmeat, cold-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized cage mesh treatment.

Electrostatic spray-coated treatmeat: mainly refers to the untreated black cage after the removal of oil, rust, washing, and other steps to achieve the purpose of enhancing the adhesion of the chicken cage surface. The next step is to apply the high temperature electrostatic spraying to attach the plastic powder to the treated cage sheet. This treatment process is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali (the ammonia and carbon dioxide contained in the chicken droppings will not corrode the sprayed equipment), is resistant to oxidation. In such processing for hen cage mesh surface, our hen cage equipment always has a smooth surface and a durable service life.

Cold galvanized treatmeat: it is electroplating zinc, the amount of galvanizing is very small, only about 10-50g/m2. In fact, the effect of cold galvanizing is at best equal to that of anti-embroidered paint, or even worse!!

Hot-dip galvanized treatmeat: which also called hot-dip galvanizing, is a method in which steel components are immersed in a molten zinc bath to obtain a metal coating. The principle of hot galvanizing treatment is no organic inclusions with good covering ability and dense plating. However, hot galvanized cages have many burrs and can injure hens occasionally.

Electrostatic spraying coated treatmeat for hen cage mesh are good for the service life.

In summary, the electrostatic spray-coated treatmeat hen cages are the best choice for farmers. A full set of hen cage equipment using electrostatic spraying process, corrosion resistance, which the cage life can be up to 10-20 years. It is a good helper for your hen farm breeding business! We are looking forward to your any inquiry for our chickern cage equipment.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

Introduce New Automatic Battery Chicken Cage for Your Battery Hens

Cast Aside Under-developed Battery Cage Equipment For Your Battery Hens

Equipment for battery laying hens should be modern and automatic– allowing to save labor costs, as well as the consumption of fodder and electricity. Our battery cage cast aside the conventional chicken cage that is too crowded for laying hens. We provide the enough space for your chickens that you don’t need to worry about chicken disease and income from them. We can provide you the best paln for your battery hens and chicken shed project.

Livi Machinery have the automatic battery hens for layer cage farming.

There is the list of poultry farming equipment for this automatic layer rearing equipment: Cages for laying hens type – A and H type of four-tier with five door

The size of A- type battery hens: 1950mm * 450mm * 410mm, all you need is 188 sets of battery laying hens. It is possible to place 160 birds in one set of chicken cage system. Therefore, the details of battery cage farming placement in the poultry house are mainly about 47 sets of battery cage / row, only 4 row of battery hens. The total amount of livestock in one chicken house battery hens is 60 * 47 * 4 = 30,080 Goals.

The Specific Samples for Your Reference

For the quantity of 30,000 laying hens, you need a standard poultry farming house, the size of which may approximately be 102M * 15M * 3.5M. If you do not have such a chicken house, then it is necessary to build a completely new chicken coop with a larger area in which have a capacity of chickens. Do not worry the much funds you will invest in, the investment will pay off in a year.

Two types battery cage hens can meet your diversified farming needs.


The battery hens in your chicken shed should equipped with automatic poultry farming equipment for battery hens, as well as the egg processing equipment such as automatic egg grading and cleaning machine or egg grading and packing machine. Those egg processing equipment are practical for your battery hens so then increase the rich egg harvest in hen farms.

Warm tips: You can think of the application of electric lamps for additional lighting. This is very important, because additional lighting makes it possible to increase the egg lay of chickens. In addition, I recommend to equip the heaters in your hen house, if you did this, then the maintenance of battery hens in winter is no longer a problem.

The lighting system are important for your laying hens health.

If you want to buy poultry equipment, contact us! Or if you intend to learn about other projects, for example, amount of laying hens for about 10,000 goals or 50,000 goals.. Or the battery cage of meat chicken direction, just leave a message!

At the end of the article, good luck to all!

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

Start A Chicken Farm With Equipment From Poultry Farming Equipment Suppliers

Search for The Relaible Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier

You can search for the reliable poultry farming equipment suppliers on the Internet. You may look it up from relevent poultry farming website, which have the professional knowledge about how to start a chicken farm.Some relaible poultry farming equipment suppliers also have the qualified specialists to give you some pertinent advice.

Next, some questions should be asked by yourself or you should pay close attention to the following aspects when you are preparing to start your poultry farm.

When you strat chicken farm, you hould choose a reliable poultry farming equipment manufacturer.

Firstly, you should learn about that whether the poultry farming machinery and equipment supplier have the rich poultry farming experience or vocational qualifications of poultry farming scale? If not, this project will have a lot of risk due to insufficient experience of the poultry farming field when you start a chicken farm. Livi Machinery are a professional poultry farming euipment manufacrurer which have confidence of producing and providing your ideal chicken cage equipment for laying hens, broilers and baby chickens.

The Large-scale for poultry farm of chicken cage system are divided into automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic broiler rearing equipment and automatic pullet rearing equipment.

Each clients are satisfied with their tour in Livi Machinery. Therefore, we established good cooperation relationships with them.
Excellent poultry farming equipment for laying hens cage equipment have different types for you to choose.

Secondly, whether this poultry farming equipment supplier is proficient at the importance of poultry farm design and biosafety or not, because the design and construction of the chicken coop will increase the risk and economic loss of the poultry disease. Fro example, A-type and H-type cage frame are suitable for the specific chicken breeds that are our machicnery’s hot sale products.

The poultry supplies application can definitely help a lot for your poultry farm. The autoamtic gantry feeding machine and chicken waterer of poultry drinking system are the classic representatives of biosafety standards.

Four tier of A-type chicken cage are in exhibition.

Thirdly, whether the poultry farming equipment supplier know how to breed chickens and master the good management method of poultry farming or not. Instead, they will not be able to advise you how to deal with some matters or control the best performance of the poultry farming equipment. Livi Machinery are professional industry that can offer you the raising tips to help your chickens more healthier.

Fourth,whether the poultry farming equipment supplier have enough before-sale service or after-sale service teams to train your staff and support your projects or not. You will feel isolated or helpless when you have the risk of equipment malfunction and misoperation problems.

Poultry supplies are in exhibition that won the worldwide recognition.

Last but not least, whether this poultry farm equipment supplier know well of poultry farming academic standards of technology needed to monitor the production of large poultry farm projects or not, the highest production performance will be difficult to achieve.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

Cages for Broiler Chickens in Poultry Farming Cage System

It is well known that broilers are better kept in cages. Cages for broiler chickens allow to provide broilers with a comfortable living space. And so, if you’re going to keep broiler chickens, it’s worth buying cages for broiler chickens.

The Basic Construction of the Cage for Broiler Chickens.

In general, the cages for broiler chickens (in other words, the automatic broiler rearing equipment) consist of four parts, specifically, from grids for keeping broiler chickens, a metal frame, feeders and manure trays. This is the basic construction of  poulry cage system for broiler chickens.

Poultry farming for broiler cage equipment mainly refer to H-type cage equipment.

Our automatic broiler cage system are made entirely of steel, and the mesh for broiler cages is made of steel, and the skeletons are metal. At least in the market there are plastic feeders for chickens, but we prefer metal feeders, because the metal is stronger than plastic. Another reason for this, we sell some poultry accessaries for keeping broilers, for example, the automatic broiler feeding system. In this system, to some extent there is friction between the feeder and feeders. we choose metal feeders so that our cages for broiler chickens can be used for a long time. If you still want plastic troughs, you can replace plastic troughs with metal, and the price will be different, cheaper.

The drinking nipples for broilers make a big influence for broilers growth.

The automatic broiler drinking system are the most poultry waterer system in poultry supplies. With the high sensitivity of all-round water (360°) supply, the application of nipple drinkers is of great significance in the arid land of water resources. Moveover, Watertight and impermeable chicken waterer can ensure the dryness of chicken droppings. According to experiments, nipple drinking fountains can save 75-80% of water than sinks, ensuring that the water supply is sufficient and not spilled. This poultry waterer provides clean, hygienic and sufficient drinking water with excellent quality to serve for the broiler battery cage equipment.

The specific design of poultry drinking nipples guarantee the good utilization of water.

There are the basic parameters of the cages for keeping broilers, it is impossible to list all, because we supply very many different-sized poultry batteries for broilers. By the size of your house, you can order the broiler poultry cage system whose parameters are according to your requirements.

Our broiler battery cage have the complete poultry farming supplies in the modern poultry industry.

What Kind of  Poultry Cage system do we Sell for Broiler Chickens?

By type, we sell only two types of cages for broiler chickens. It is multistage and stepped. You can say differently, type A and type H.  While from the effectiveness of poultry farming equipment, we keep the vertical H-type broiler cages in our chicken cage systems. If  you have any problems, please contact us and inquiry us at your convenience.