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First Step – Choose a Reliable Poultry Equipment Supplier

As the saying goes, “ Well begun, half done.” If you are going to start a chicken farms in your homeland, you may face up much problems. There is the common issue that you are confused with the introduce of poultry farming equipment for your flocks. And you should also know more about that heavy reliance on one client or poultry supplier is risky when you are building up your poultry farms. Thus, you should ask about at least 3 or 4 poultry farm equipment suppliers, and choose the suitable poultry equipment supplier to buy them.

Livi machinery has set up their branches in South Africa.

A Comparison of Cages Mesh Surface Process Technology

There are four types of chicken cages mesh surface process technology sold in modern poultry equipment suppliers, namely cold-dip galvanize, hot-dip galvanize, aluminium-zinc alloy and electrostatic spraying ( anti-corrosion treatment process) process technology. Livi Machinery Manufacturer adopts electrostatic spraying treatment to process chicken cage mesh, which are suitable for medium-sized farms or large-sized poultry farms.We can guarantee you that 15-20 years of service life for your chicken cages produced by our technical team’s effort.

Best quality of chicken maesh can guarantee your poultry farms life.

And your egg laying chicken feel more comfortable for it can reduce rate of chicken disease and get lower rate of eggs breakage. By comparison, the cost and life service as well as anti-corrosion performance, we recommend you to choose the electrostatic spraying technology from Livi poultry equipment supplier that sell chicken cages for lower price.

A comparison of Automatic Degree for Chicken Cages

Livi Machinery specialize in the research and development for automatic poultry farming equipment. Apart from the features of low cost and good quality, our equipment are also automatic and save your much energy when raising process. Whole automatic poultry equipment with low cost price supplied by reliable poultry equipment supplier, which are assured of best benefit for your farms.
We are one of the most reliable poultry farming chicken cages suppliers around the worldwide poultry market.

Automatic chicken cages for sale in Livi Machinery.

Poultry Farming Machinery and Equipment

Reliable Poultry Equipment Manufacturer

Farmers in the region of Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bengal etc, who make their effort to rearing chickens as their career, and the industry of poultry farming in those countries are developing more and more prosperous. Thus, pick up for modern and great quality poultry farming equipment for your chickens are becoming more and more essential. Livi Machinery Manufacturer is the most reliable poultry equipment manufacturer among our customers around the world.

Poultry farming equipment supplier own great techniques for your farms.
In Livi Machinery Manufacturer, everyone are devoting themselves to offer best service for our customers. No matter who you are and where you are, we are all giving our modern and advanced poultry farming machinery of chicken cages equipment for your farms. If you want to set up your poultry farms, we provide you our rich experience on constructing the chicken shed with the farming machinery equipment that accommodate above 2,000 – 50,000 chicken birds.

What Poultry Farming Machinery Equipment Do we Have?

We equipped with full set of chicken farming equipment including of poultry cage system, layer, broiler, and baby chickens drinking and feeding system, egg collection machine matched with egg laying birds cage equipment, chicken waste removal machine, and environmental control system in your chicken house. Each of poultry machinery and equipment have low cost and best quality, automatic features and save much of farmers energy and increasing your income.

poultry farming equipment for sale
Our cage mesh adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying process, which is one of the best cage processing technology among chicken cage mesh processing technology. With our cage farming, we believe that your flocks can get more comfortable living standard and cage service life can up to about 15-20 years.
In addition, Customers who are going to buy our poultry farm equipment would enjoy free chicken shed design and installation on the spot of your country, and some poultry supplies given as a gift. We can help your poultry farming industry becoming a big success.

New Type Broiler Battery Cage and Related Equipment for Sale

Introduction of Battery Farming of Broiler Cages For sale

Livi automatic battery cage for broilers will be the poultry farm trend in your farms.

The application of the new battery broiler cages and supporting equipment has increased the land utilization rate by two times compared with the leveling, fully utilized the space resources of the breeding grounds, reduced the mortality rate to less than 7%, saved about 5% of the feed for our manufacturers’ chicken farm equipment for sale compared to ordinary equipment, and gained weight. About 5%, automatic feeding reduces the contact between humans and chickens and reduces the chance of cross-infection.

The new  commercial broiler cages are fully equipped with electrostatic spraying galvanizing technology and are resistant to corrosion and have a service life of more than 15 years. And in the design of battery farm of broiler cages, full consideration of compatibility with other equipment, can be used with poultry cleaning system, driving feeding system, drinking water system. Such a rational and innovative broiler cages can greatly save investment and increases productivity.

The Basic Dimension You Should Be Familiar 

Details of broiler cage farming can definitely meet your chickens demands.

Single-tier of battery broiler cages is 0.4 meters high, 1.45 meters long, 0.85 meters wide, one-way sliding door width 0.7 meters, a total of three layers up and down, spacing of 0.1 meters, each group of cages , spacing 0.35 meters, a total of 6 single cage. Each group of chicken cages is 1.45 meters long. 2.05 meters wide, 1.64 meters high, 0.25 meters deep trench, 1.95 meters wide. Each chicken cage has a total area of 3 square meters, and chicken cages can raise chickens to 7.4 square meters. Each cage can raise 12 animals, and 6 groups of cages can support 72 animals. Two times the amount raised. After testing, it is possible to manage 5 000 commercial broilers per person under fair use.

The new battery farm commercial broiler rearing cage equipment and supporting technical facilities have solved the contradiction between environment and density, which has achieved high density and high efficiency. The stacked broiler cages and ancillary equipment, due to the high degree of automation, environmental intelligence control, suitable for standardization of the use of the chicken house. In line with modern animal husbandry standardization, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is your development direction of healthy breeding.

Which Chicken Farm Equipment is Needed in the Chicken Farm Process?

Regardless of large, medium, and small scale poultry farms, we have to purchase chicken farm equipment when we raise chickens. However, the types of equipment purchased by different farms are different. What kind of chicken cages for sale are needed by farmers to rear chickens? What is the role of various equipment?

  • Cage Poultry Farming

The equipments used in poultry farming includes layer chicken cages, broiler cages, and baby chick cages and cages most of the current farmers used. They are caged and raised to save space, and cages can effectively prevent infectious diseases. Improving the survival rate of chickens, thereby also improving economic efficiency of poultry farms.

Chicken cages for layers are the necessary equipment for modern poultry farms.

  • The air Ventilation Equipment

Closed chicken houses must be mechanically ventilated. According to the airflow direction in the chicken house, they can be divided into horizontal ventilation and vertical ventilation. The research practice in 1988 has proved that the vertical ventilation effect is good, and it can eliminate and overcome the phenomenon of small and uneven ventilation angle and wind speed in horizontal ventilation, and eliminate the cross-infection caused by horizontal ventilation.

Baby chicken house ventilation system will greatly increase the circulation of air.

  • Poultry waterer Equipment

From the viewpoint of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker of chicken waterer is the most ideal water supply equipment, and a high-quality watertight drinking fountain should be selected. Now the most common way to raise chickens and laying hens in cages is to use V-shaped sinks, which often both hygienic and water-saving.

chicken farm supplies include poultry waterer and drinking troughs.

  • Chicken Feeding Equipment

The chicken feeding equipment is specially designed for the rearing chicken cage equipment. It can feed three to five tiers of cages. The feeding machine has a unique structure, novel and practical, saving time and labor, feeding evenly. Small, battery-powered, DC motor-driven, low noise, easy operation, flexible steering, small headroom, easy maintenance, etc., so it is very fond of farmers, the use of chicken feeders for sale not only saves time, but also the liberation Manpower.

Chicken feeders for sale are very populay equipment for baby chicks in your poultry farms.
Poultry feeders in Livi Machinery will raise your chickens more healthier.

The above chicken farm equipment is the necessities for modern chicken farms, we can give you the complete poultry farm equipment for your farms. Welcome to your inquiry!

How to Choose Better Chicken Battery Farm Equipment For Sale?

Whether it is large-scale poultry farms or small-scale poultry farms, chicken farm equipment for sale must be selected before raising chickens. Then you should think about the matter of choosing better chicken battery equipment for sale in chicken farm equipment suppliers.

Large-scale farms have a large number of chickens, and farmers generally choose a complete set of poultry farming equipment of high degree of automation, convenient for farmers. Farmers that raised in small-scale poultry farms will properly choose the right equipment according to their own needs. Only good quality chicken equipment can make chickens have a very comfortable growing environment, and some chicken equipment manufacturers can also tell you about how to choose a better chicken equipment when you are purchasing. 

First of all, the chicken battery cage can provide a comfortable living space for the chicken, so poultry farmers should consider that what breeds of your chickens you have raised, then you can choose suitable chicken farm battery cages system for your flocks. For example, you can choose the whole battery cage system of battery hen cages of chicken layer cages for sale, broiler cages and baby chick cages, the poultry feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure removal system equipment, etc.

Chicken cages for layers for sale will help your flocks get a good environment in the whole growing process.
Battery cages for brooders in Livi Machinery can help yu increase the number of chickens and give you the best profitability.

In the selection process of poultry farm equipment, you also may consider various geography and environmental factors, and chooses chicken battery equipment of different materials. At the same time, it also needs to increase or decrease the breeding equipment according to different breeding stages.

Secondly, when you use chicken farm equipment, you should read the safety manuals for each type of equipment carefully in case of danger or equipment damage. For instance, the chicken-raising equipment must be strictly in accordance with the rules of safe operation. Remember not to overload the equipment and ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. To ensure that all parts of the device does not appear the phenomenon of oil leakage,you should clean the surrounding debris of chicken farm battery cage.

The above is a good example of how to choose a better chicken battery farm equipment and the use of chicken-raising equipment. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions and want to consult, please inquiry us.

Things You Should Know The Cost Performance of Egg Collection Machine

The Machine Matched Up With Battery Hen Cages

Nowadays, the needs of eggs for people is becoming more and more larger, so many farmers have seen this business opportunity and started to expand their chicken farming scale. The more eggs produced by laying hens per day, the management is also bigger, but also take into account the collection eggs after laying hens laying eggs, and the cost of manpower is very expensive. The emergence of the collecting machine match up with chicken layer cages for sale in Livi Machinery can be said to solve the problem of licking eggs to the greatest extent. .

The main function of the collection egg machine is to pick up the eggs from the cage to a place, so that the workers who rake the eggs do not have to run around, they can just squash from one place, reduce the labor force of the egg workers, but increase the number of eggs. Labor efficiency and cost achieve raising and saving. As more and more farmers begin to use the automatic machine, the cost-effectiveness of collect eggs has become the focus of attention for all farmers.

The egg collecting machine can meet all your needs in your poultry farming equipment of hen battery cages.
Chicken egg collecting machine can match up with different types of layer battery cages.

High Cost Performance of Egg Collection Machine

At present, there are more and more manufacturers of poultry farm equipment for sale on the market, prices are not the same, of course, different price quality will be different, of course, It is different to say that the more expensive the machine is, the better of its performance. In fact, the difference in price is not only reflected in the quality of the machine, farmers should focus more on functionality and efficiency and after-sales service. The price of many egg collection machines is slightly more expensive, the efficiency of collecting eggs is very high, and with good machine materials, the price is naturally higher.

The eggs are collected in battery hen cages for large scale of poultry farming manufacturers.

Secondly, the brand is also an important aspect of the machine. To purchase a brand of collection machine that have long-term guarantee for their own maintenance. Any problems that arise during use can be repaired by the brand professionally. Reduce the phenomenon of arbitrary charges. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery is very well-recognized in the brand of collecting egg machine. The quality of egg collection machine is very important, and it provides a very detailed introduction for each purchaser. There is lots of purchases that are not familiar with the operation.

So, in summary, when you buy a collecting egg machine equipment used in poultry farming, you’d better not blindly look at the price. Its after-sales and brand are also very important.

How to Choose Chicken Equipment Nipple Drinker?

Chicken nipple drinkers of chicken drinking fountains are an indispensable poultry drinking equipment in poultry farms. Nowadays, the most common types of drinking fountains in farms are nipple drinkers. So in recent years, manufacturers of nipple drinking fountains are also more numerous, but each manufacturer’s product is not the same in terms of materials, so how can farmers buy the equipment with high quality and low price?

What you should know about chicken nipple drinkings in Livi Machinery is our products have high quality and long service life.

How to Choose The Chicken Nipple Drinkers?

Choose the reliable and professional poultry farming equipment for sale products with follow-up service and after-sales service of poultry rearing equipment manufacturers.

Poultry farmers should determine the performance of chicken nipple drinkers based on the type of chickens they farm. The valve opening force is about 40 grams, which is suitable for adult chickens. The valve opening force is about 10 grams, and baby chickens can be used.

Livi Machinery equipped with the best quality of chicken nipple drinkers for poultry farming drinking system. We will supply you our chicken farm supplies with best quality and good after and before service.

Drinking nipples for chickens should easy to install and remove, easy to clean it, save the bonding cost.

How to Install The Chicken Nipple Drinkers?

There are the installation about nipple drinkers, which currently divide into two main forms. One is on the top of the cage, and the other is on the front of the cage and above the trough. In the front of the cage, the drop of water in the trough can ensure that the chicken dries dry, and the maintenance is convenient, but the feed under the water fountain is infiltrated.

The installation of nipple drinkers must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. You should comply the dos and don’ts of the chicken drinking nipples of our chicken supplies. The most characteristic for our chicken drinking nipples is the poultry automation of equipment in modern commercial poultry business.

Used Poultry House Equipment for Sale

Automatic poultry house farming equipment is the development trend of the chicken industry in the new era. Now many large and medium-sized chicken farms have basically realized automated chicken house equipment or poultry farming supplies such as automated equipment of chicken feeders and waterers. Many farmers are not very aware of how powerful of automatic chicken house equipment for sale in Livi Machinery is.

Some farmers are afraid of a lot of money that they have to invest, so there may be not much benefits that they would get. However, the benefits for your chicken house breeding industry will be paid off definitely for the whole effective farming own to introducing of automatic chicken house equipment.  

Poultry farming equipment of used chicken cage will be your suitable cgae farm for your flocks.

The Absolute Advantage of Automated Chicken Equipment

Chicken farms that use automated chicken-raising equipment look like an array of production plants. When you enter the chicken farm, you can see that the house is completely closed. Feeding chickens, feeding water, removing excrement, regulating room temperature, adjusting light, etc., as long as all items of breeding can be completed by pressing a button of poultry management system, this is the biggest advantage of automated chicken equipment.

Suppose a farmer raises 300,000 laying hens, a total of six houses are needed, each of which can raise 50,000 chickens. If the use the automated battery hens cages to raise it, the daily management of 1 worker per room is sufficient, and the poultry farm can be taken care of very well. The thing that needs to be done manually is to check the health status of chickens in the chicken farm.

large quantity of chicken eggs will bring about you much profit for you.

How is the profit of Used Poultry House Equipment for Sale?

In terms of laying hens profit, assuming a total of 50,000 chickens per house. The egg laying rates are more than 49,000 eggs, which can be produced each day, and the wholesale price per catty is 3.5 yuan. In addition to the cost, the monthly net profit may exceed 100,000 yuan that equivalent to the US dollar about more than 15,000 US dollars.

In the long run, the benefits from the automated chicken farm cages will surely exceed your expectations. And Livi Machinery also equipped with the poultry farming equipment cage system for broilers and baby chicks. You can tell us what kind of chicken house you have, we will provide you the suitable and used chicken house equipment for you.

The Automation of Poultry Farm Chicken Cages For Sale

There are various kinds of automation poultry farm chicken cages for sale in Livi Machinery. With the development of chicken cage farming equipment, the application of cages to raise chickens has become more common. Especially in some modern chicken farms, automation chicken cage system equipment has become the best choice for many poultry farmers.

Poultry farm automation equipment can be divided into egg laying chicken cages, broiler rearing cages, baby chicken cages equipment and chicken farm supplies. Poultry farm equipment of chicken cage system can also be divided into stepped type and battery chicken cage type. Before you start your chicken farm business, you may know more about the characteristics of each type poultry farm chicken cages for sale. 

Poultry farm chicken cages for layers are dividewd into two types, the A type cage systems are low cost and easy to operate.

 The advantages of ladder-type chicken cage equipment:

  • Compared with stacked cage systems, this type chicken cages for sale investment can be lower. At the same time, the egg laying hens can obtain more breeding areas and increase the egg production rate with the equipment of egg collection machine. Egg laying chicken cages for sale are equipped with an automatic egg grading and cleaning machineto increase the cleanliness and deficiency of the eggs.
  • Automatic drinking water system equipped with layer chicken cages for sale can ensure equal pressure in the nipple to ensure that the water of the layer of chicken. For ease of maintenance and repair, the poultry cage system can be controlled according to the suggested steps.

Poultry farming cages for layers are very easy to oprate and save more manpower for your farm.

Battery Chicken Cage Equipment for sale

  • The battery chicken cage adopt the electrostatic plating spraying process, corrosion resistance, service life of up to 15 years, high-density farming to save land, than the step-by-step land-saving about 70%, so that raising the density to 62 / square meters or more;
  • The Centralized management in your poultry farm, saving energy and resources, adopting advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems, and automated control systems to fully save energy, improve labor productivity, and increase the ratio of eggs;

The most feature of our poultry farm chicken cages adopt the ecological/environmental protection, which is the ideal breeding equipment for safe eggs and environmentally friendly egg products.


Chicken Poultry Farm Equipment for Broiler Rearing Equipment

The New Stage For Broiler Rearing Industry

The current chicken raising industry has been transformed from the traditional free range farm to the battery cage farming mode. The benefit brought by raised mode of chicken poultry farm equipment is very considerable. With the continuous development of livestock and poultry husbandry, an international livestock husbandry machinery company and China Agricultural Machinery Institute developed a four-tier poultry battery cage equipment for broiler rearing equipment with the poultry feeding density of 26 to 28 per square meter, which is a great progress for broiler poultry farm equipment. The area is more than doubled, saving both the construction area and the efficiency of cage raising.

Battery cage system for broilers are becoming and more popular in for broiler raising industry.

Your Broilers Are Farmed in Such Good Cage System

The broiler battery chicken farm equipment series products are: four-tier of broiler rearing cages and the accessories equipment for broilers such as the trolley feeding machine, automatic chicken manure cleaning machine, poultry ventilation machine, automatic drinking water and feeding system.

Some of poultry farmers choose our poultry farm equipment for broiler products lack of relevant knowledge for them, thus, when you are going to purchase it, you should know the following knowledge. Let’s look at the knowledge of broiler rearing cage products.

The poultry farm equipment of broiler rearing cage mesh material is high quality broiler rearing cage mesh adopted the steel wire, which are sprayed by electrostatic process so the tensile strength up to 490MPa, elongation up to 23%.

No matter what types of broiler rearing cage system, you can finally find out the one that suitable for your farm and chicken coop.

Firstly, broiler rearing cages can reduce the incidence of epidemics. Broiler can not in contact with the feces, which is conducive to controlling the occurrence of diseases. Chicken feces leaks under the cage and can be cleaned in time. At the same time, fan ventilation in broiler house is able to reduce the harmful gas content in the house.

Secondly, because chickens are kept in cages instead of the ground, which is conducive to air circulation and provide suitable environmental conditions for broilers.

In addition, broiler chickens raised in broiler cages reduce the cost of disease prevention and reduce their own physical energy consumption. Broiler cages limit the activities of broilers, reduce energy consumption, shorten production cycles, and greatly increase the number of slaughtered broilers per unit volume.