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The automatic egg collection system from Livi industry is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the eggs, which can be applied to the A-frame layer cage system and the H-frame battery layer cage system of laying chicken that are equipped with flexible reinforced floors that help maintain the reasonable angle for the roll out of the egg, and then lower the egg breakage.. This uncomplicated, compact and high-performance automatic egg collection system with efficient production and high quality is manufactured by Livi industry and widely applied.

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Different Operational Principles for Layer Cages

Automatic egg-collection system is well-designed with cautious and conscientious spirit by our R&D team, livi can promise you the quality of our product. For the baterry layer cage system, the belts carry the eggs to the cross conveyor, where the system facilitates clean eggs to the grader room without any mechanical transfer and the fully automated process is completed and to ensure less manual contamination or breakage, eggs are gently carried through belt to the egg-collection room.

And in the A-type layer cage system, the conveyor belt carries the eggs to the header, where flexible fingers gently descend them to a cross conveyor that takes them to the grader room, which is the complete fully automatic process. The design is simple and stable, and easy to operate,reduce the indensity of labour and material expenses. Farmers should know that it's suitable for large, medium and small farms. And according to your requirements, we can design and product the ideal egg collection equipment for you.

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Features of Egg-collection System:

  • Each cage row has its own set of egg-handling baskets.
  • Requires less space at the end of the cage row than other collectors.
  • Eggs are transferred to cross conveyor by gravity and a unique rotation of the baskets.
  • Full-automatic, easy maintenance and operation
  • Hot galvanized, anti-corrosive, long durability.
  • Perfect roll out angle of the egg and minimize the breakage.
  • Fully covered egg belt prevents dirt accumulation on eggs.

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