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Farmers in the region of Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bengal etc, who make their effort to rearing chickens as their career, and the industry of poultry farming in those countries are developing more and more prosperous. Thus, pick up for modern and great quality poultry farming equipment for your chickens are becoming more and more essential. Livi Machinery Manufacturer is the most reliable poultry equipment manufacturer among our customers around the world.

In Livi Machinery Manufacturer, everyone are devoting themselves to offer best service for our customers. No matter who you are and where you are, we are all giving our modern and advanced poultry farming machinery of chicken cages equipment for your farms. If you want to set up your poultry farms, we provide you our rich experience on constructing the chicken shed with the farming machinery equipment that accommodate above 2,000 – 50,000 chicken birds.

What Poultry Farming Machinery Equipment Do we Have?

We equipped with full set of chicken farming equipment including of poultry cage system, layer, broiler, and baby chickens drinking and feeding system, egg collection machine matched with egg laying birds cage equipment, chicken waste removal machine, and environmental control system in your chicken house. Each of poultry machinery and equipment have low cost and best quality, automatic features and save much of farmers energy and increasing your income.

poultry farming equipment for sale
Our cage mesh adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying process, which is one of the best cage processing technology among chicken cage mesh processing technology. With our cage farming, we believe that your flocks can get more comfortable living standard and cage service life can up to about 15-20 years.
In addition, Customers who are going to buy our poultry farm equipment would enjoy free chicken shed design and installation on the spot of your country, and some poultry supplies given as a gift. We can help your poultry farming industry becoming a big success.

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  1. I need a cage for my 300white layers for a start . I want to know how much it will cost to get the cage . What is the size of the cage . Any agent in Ghana I can deal with or I have to deal with you directly.

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