New Type Broiler Battery Cage and Related Equipment for Sale

Introduction of Battery Farming of Broiler Cages For sale

Livi automatic battery cage for broilers will be the poultry farm trend in your farms.

The application of the new battery broiler cages and supporting equipment has increased the land utilization rate by two times compared with the leveling, fully utilized the space resources of the breeding grounds, reduced the mortality rate to less than 7%, saved about 5% of the feed for our manufacturers’ chicken farm equipment for sale compared to ordinary equipment, and gained weight. About 5%, automatic feeding reduces the contact between humans and chickens and reduces the chance of cross-infection.

The new  commercial broiler cages are fully equipped with electrostatic spraying galvanizing technology and are resistant to corrosion and have a service life of more than 15 years. And in the design of battery farm of broiler cages, full consideration of compatibility with other equipment, can be used with poultry cleaning system, driving feeding system, drinking water system. Such a rational and innovative broiler cages can greatly save investment and increases productivity.

The Basic Dimension You Should Be Familiar 

Details of broiler cage farming can definitely meet your chickens demands.

Single-tier of battery broiler cages is 0.4 meters high, 1.45 meters long, 0.85 meters wide, one-way sliding door width 0.7 meters, a total of three layers up and down, spacing of 0.1 meters, each group of cages , spacing 0.35 meters, a total of 6 single cage. Each group of chicken cages is 1.45 meters long. 2.05 meters wide, 1.64 meters high, 0.25 meters deep trench, 1.95 meters wide. Each chicken cage has a total area of 3 square meters, and chicken cages can raise chickens to 7.4 square meters. Each cage can raise 12 animals, and 6 groups of cages can support 72 animals. Two times the amount raised. After testing, it is possible to manage 5 000 commercial broilers per person under fair use.

The new battery farm commercial broiler rearing cage equipment and supporting technical facilities have solved the contradiction between environment and density, which has achieved high density and high efficiency. The stacked broiler cages and ancillary equipment, due to the high degree of automation, environmental intelligence control, suitable for standardization of the use of the chicken house. In line with modern animal husbandry standardization, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is your development direction of healthy breeding.