Modern Chicken Breeding Equipment

Chicken breeding equipment is more advanced in modern society with the development of science and technology. The progress of society, automatic mechanization and intelligence have become more and more popular, the mechanized automatic equipment permeates all walks of life and the poultry breeding industry is no exception. Livi breeding chicken cages is made from Q235 steel and hot galvanized, with its scientific design, reasonable angle rollout of the egg and lower egg breakage, we have passed ISO9001 quality certification system, and we were also well trusted by our clients. 3-8 decks is available in our factory depending on your order.

modern chicken breeding equipment

A and H type 4-tier layer breeding cage

modern chicken breeding equipment

automatic chicken breeding machine

At present, the production of complete sets of chicken breeding equipment in poultry breeding industry has entered a golden period of rapid development. The industrialization of farming chickens will be completed by a mechanized, automated and intelligent poultry equipment system. Our poultry farming equipment  is equipped with automatic feeding device of automatic gantry feeding machine, which not only ensures uniform feeding, but also reduces labor intensity of manual feeding. However, the pumper may cause blockage in the case of chicken feather, which needs further improvement. Therefore, in the choice of poultry feeding equipment, we must consider the factors of feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rates and parts costs. For example, chain feeding equipment feeding evenly, producing less dust, but the failure rate and the relatively high cost of parts, these indicators should to be weighed.

Chicken breeding equipment can create a perfect environment for chickens growth, and chicken breeding cage equipment occupy an important position. In order to ensure chicken breeding equipment get a better performance, we have the standard and professional poultry farming equipment technology. In addition, we can not noly supply the modern automatic poultry breeding equipment but also the best service will satisfy you!