The Importance of Choosing Good Chicken Breeding Equipment

Professional poultry farmers all know the importance of chicken breeding equipment in poultry farming. At the time of raising the laying hens, the laying hens are a kind of breeding method that the broilers are more common because the emergence of the laying hens provides a comfortable environment for laying hens, making the farmer easier to manage during raising the chicken and raising, the design of the hen cage in front of the cage and the cage door, the density of the cage, and get out of the egg from manural these aspects of the performance of the chicken more benefits.

The benefits of autoamtic stacked layer chicken cages: completely staggered up and down the two layers of cage, often seen 2-3 layers. The advantages are: do not need to set the dung plate at the end of the cage, such as cesspool may not have a clear manure system: simple structure; good chicken cage ventilation and light system.

importance of chicken breeding equipment

chicken breeding equipment

The advantages of layer chicken cages:
First, the chicken cage mesh is relatively smooth, can prevent chicken injury foot infection.
Second, the cage and network at the end of the cage are encrypted, can effectively prevent pecking feathers and laying hens fatigue syndrome and so on.
Third, the layers of galvanized chicken cage, can increase the life of the cage, the general can use 8, 9 years.
Fourth, the high-density cage raising more economical land, and is conducive to epidemic prevention, hi can reduce the incidence of poultry disease.
Fifth, the unique design of egg cage cage reinforcement design, can effectively prevent chicken feed wobbling waste. And because cage door space increases, more convenient for the chicken of various management.
Sixth, the expansion of layer cages: It can be adjusted according to the size of the venue, you can also install automatic drinking water systems.