Broiler Battery Cages For Sale in Poultry Farming Industry

Broiler battery cages system consist of two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type). The automatic broiler battery cage feeding is an indispensable item for chicken farmers. It is also a very important issue for chicken farmers. It can not only reduce the incidence of diseases, but also achieve great economic benefits. So, in daily life, how to strengthen the broiler chicken cage feeding system management?

broiler battery cage equipment

broiler feeding system

“Over the next few years, I have been raising 6,000 chickens and are very busy. There are no choice but to take the rest time instead. Since the introduction of the modern poultry farming feeder system of pro-feeding dung manure machine, I can feed more than 20,000 Chickens and are not busy. Now I want to further expand the scale, the technology is really the first-class productivity. “A chicken breeding farmers said.

First of all, one of the most important problems that farmers should pay attention to is that chickens scream together when the temperature of the broiler chicken cage is too low. When the temperature is too high, the chickens disperse and have a respite, and the temperature is suitable for evenly distributed chickens. It can also be combined with a thermometer and sensory to determine whether the temperature is suitable. Appropriate broiler living temperature can maximize the benefits of feed. The temperature is too low can cause chicken respiratory disease and hit pile death.

broiler battery cage system

Second, keep the broiler cage dry, we have the automatic broiler drinking system and you should always check the normal work. Drinking fountains do not leak and overflow, the best use of straw as a litter during litter, more dry, help to raise the temperature; medium chicken stage temperature below 18 ℃ should be added Thick padding to increase the temperature.

Last but not least, broiler cage also should be kept the air circulation, keep the air fresh. Our poultry supplies include the environment control system can help you a lot to keep air more fresh. If you are interested in broiler farming equipment, please inquiry us!

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