Poultry Farming Cage System of Chicken House Equipment

Chicken House Equipment For Laying Hens

Poultry farming cage system and equipment in Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the poultry farming industry providing advanced and automatic poultry farming equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, long lifespan, and long-term after-sale service. Chicken house equipment in Livi Machinery can greatly solve the ordinary problems engender from poultry farmers. Our chicken house equipmnet for laying hens include automatic layer chicken cage system, automatic layer feeding system, automatic layer drinking system, and some battery eggs processing equipment consisting of automatic egg collection system, automatic egg grading and cleaning machines and egg grading and packing machines. All these chicken house equipment for laying hens will satisfy your requirements for your poultry farming equipment system.

laying hens cages

Then, Livi’s cages of chicken house equipment for laying hens employ the modern world-class processing of adopting the Q235 international steel wire, electrostatic spraying, and anti-corrosion treatment of using a layer of epoxy resin powder coating on the surface smoothly, cage net has a long lifespan about 15-20 years and can also reduce the rate of disease and egg brokening of less than 0.5 per thousand. With these cage equipment processing, our cages have spread all over the world including omre than 30 countries such as South Asia, South America, Europe and Central Asia.

layer cage mesh

Chicken house equipment for laying hensequipment is divided into A-type rearing equipment and H-type rearing equipment with the farming mode of intensive managememt and automatic control system that can guarantee the normal working performance of automatic feeding, drinking water, manure removing, egg collection. All these poultry system can increase labor productivity, save labor costs and energy consumption. The adoption of the conveyor belt can clean manure making chicken manure dried granular, improve the utilization rate of chicken manure, and we believe the full set of poultry farming of layer cages will give you a better experience.

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