Automatic battery chicken cage for sale in Nigeria

As nigerians improve their living standards. And the demand for chicken continues to grow. The automatic battery cages for sale are one of the breeding methods. Poultry farming equipment is mainly composed of galvanized material mesh. Under normal circumstances is not easy to scratch or pit chicken.


Livi machinery in line with the public health highly responsible spirit. Sell in line with international environmental protection standards of green automatic battery cage system. Using non-contaminated surface treatment technology. And according to the actual situation of the farm to upgrade products. Is China’s outstanding poultry equipment supplier manufacturers.



To adapt to the needs of animal husbandry development. The automatic chicken cages for sale by our company has realized the automatic control of feeding system, ventilation system, drinking water system and dung cleaning system in Nigeria. And has reasonable structure, stable performance, durable and so on. More customers by the praise.


The leading products are fully automatic poultry equipment: layer battery cages price in Nigeria, broiler battery cage, baby chick cage system, more than 20 series. Our poultry products are very popular in Asia, Africa and Europe. Waiting for the outbreak to end. Welcome to visit our company to negotiate business.


LIVI machinery poultry equipment manufacturers supplier selling quality automated battery cage in Nigeria. If you are interested in us, please leave a message. We will contact you within 24 hours.