What is the difference between using different poultry equipment for raising chickens?

To decide whether to raise chickens to make money, the first condition is to raise chickens well. To raise good chickens, poultry farming equipment in Nigeria is critical. Equipment for laying hens includes cage frame, drinking water, feeding machine, manure cleaning machine, egg picking machine, temperature control system, etc. Advanced mechanical equipment can create a more ideal living environment for chickens, greatly improve production efficiency.


One, different poultry equipment, different temperature control system.

The purpose of temperature control system is to provide suitable growth environment for chicken, make chicken live comfortably and create better benefits. When the temperature is too low, the energy in the chicken’s feed generates heat to maintain body temperature, resulting in a sub-optimal feed to egg ratio. If the temperature is too high, chickens need to breathe more and drink more water to dissipate heat. The decrease in feed intake of chickens will also affect the laying rate and induce colds in chickens. Something goes wrong with the temperature control system, and tens of thousands of chickens can be wiped out. So buy equipment to buy regular manufacturers, to find quality assurance, after-sales service better manufacturers.


automatic gantry feeding equipment


Two, different equipment, different service life.

It is recommend to choose LIVI machinery, production of commcial  battery layer cages for sale, broiler cage, pullet chicken cage, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic feeding equipment, etc. Breeding equipment reasonable structure, stable performance, durable. The equipment adopts galvanized aluminum magnesium plate, service life of more than 15 years.


Three, different equipment, save different labor

As we all know, with the increasing cost of manpower, farming, a social activity that once require a large amount of manpower. It has now been replace by machines and very few people. Now large-scale chicken farms are basically the use of automated chicken equipment. Automated chicken raising can save a lot of manpower, reduce chicken farm staff, improve the efficiency of feeding.


modern battery chicken cage system


The most obvious advantage of using automatic poultry farming equipment in Nigerica is to save the labor cost of farmers, farmers through the use of automatic chicken raising equipment can reduce the employment of manual. Before raising 50 thousand chickens may need more than a dozen people, after using automatic equipment, just need 1-2 people.