Poultry Farm Battery Chicken Cages Price List in Uganda

African countries especially Uganda. In recent years, with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit and demand for protein have also increased substantially. This requires commercialization of poultry farming. So is it feasible to develop a poultry farming project in Uganda?


A type battery layer cage


Choosing Battery Chicken Cages in Uganda

The battery cage system includes A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages, automatic drinking water system, automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic egg collection system, automatic environmental control system, etc. These devices work together to enable intensive poultry farming in Uganda.

The use of poultry cages has high breeding density and high utilization rate of chicken houses. Battery cages have 3 to 5 times more chickens than flat cages. The feed is evenly sprinkled in the trough, reducing food waste and improving the rate of feed transfer.

The egg production rate is high and the eggshell is clean. The temperature and humidity in the caged chicken house are easy to control, which can provide chickens with high and stable living conditions. After laying eggs, it is not easy to be contaminate by feces, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean.


battery chicken cage for layer in customer

Automatic battery cages for laying hens delivered to customer


 A Type layer cages in Uganda shipped to farm

In June 22, LIVI Machinery delivered 106 sets of layer cage equipment to Mr. M, a Ugandan customer. Customers mainly purchased battery layer cages, automated egg collection systems, automated drinking water systems, automated manure removal systems, etc.

After 25 days of shipping, the customer received the poultry farming layer cage equipment in Uganda. Customers are very assure of our company’s product quality and reputation. And hope to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with LIVI Machinery.

In most countries in Africa, electricity is in short supply. It is more recommended to use A type chicken cages. It can be operate manually or electrically. This is very convenient.


As an excellent poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier, we use the best quality hot-dip galvanized cage mesh and international steel wire Q235. The chicken cage can be used for about 20 years, and we use the highest quality materials for every part of the chicken cage. We hope to cooperate with friends in African countries to allow more poultry friends to use the upper battery chicken cage system to contribute to the development of agriculture.