Wholesale Poultry Supplies for Chicken Cage System

Wholesale poultry supplies for chicken cage system, which including automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic pullet raising equipment and automatic broiler rearing equipment. With the best quality of chicken cage equipment, we have won the customers’ trust in the world, we are proud of our poultry supplies for most poultry farmers, no matter how many chickens you have in your chicken coop, we can customize the most suitable chicken cage plan for you. For example, you may farm 5 thousand to 100 thousand, or above 100 thousand chickens, you can get the most proper and good programme poultry chicke cage system. We will provide you the low cost of poultry supplies for chicken cage, and also good and advanced poultry breeding system and accessories poultry equipment.

wholesale poultry supplies

poultry breeding equipment

Full complete poultry breeding cages in Livi Machinery fitted with two kinds of types, A-Type and H-Type cage for layer chicken cages, broiler cage system and baby chicken cages. The size of cages are 1950mm*350mm*380mm of A-Type cages, 1800mm*600mm*430mm of H-Type cages, and the tiers of cages are  3 – 4 Tiers of A-Type cages and  3 – 8 Tiers of  H-Type cages. You just tell us how many chickens do you plan to rear or you already have, we will wholesale poultry supplies for great poultry farm plan and low cost investment cages for you.

wholesale chicken supplies

two types of chicken cage

Wholesale poultry supplies for automatic layer feeding system can provide your raising chickens a more clean breeding environment, which with the features of automated and low cost on cage functions and high productivity in chicken commercialization. With application of technology and scientific design, the poultry feeding system in Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is developed into a collection with scientific research, design, manufacture, marketing and service. To produce a more clean and rational feeding surroundings, we can also designe the unique automatic gantry feeding machine and automatic ladder type feeding machine for poultry farmers a good experience.

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