Good Poultry Breeding And Rearing Cages Equipment For Sale

Chicken breeding and rearing equipment include: poultry breeding and rearing cage equipment, poultry heating equipment, chicken shed automatic environment control system of ventilation equipment,  poultry drinking system of water supply equipment, poultry feeding equipment, egg collecting system, lighting equipment and so on.  All those poultry breeding equipment are very important in chicken shed. Livi Poultry Farming Machinery is a professional poultry farming industry specialized in equipment for poultry farming, and has the ability to make and manufacture full automatic equipment. We will provide you the popular professional A-frame cages and stacked cages and also customize poultry battery chicken cages according to customer’s specifications.

good poultry farming cages

Poultry Feeding Machine System in Breeding Process

The main application of feeding trough plays an important part in poultry feeding system. Chicken cages are used by long trough, while flat raising brood can use this feeding method, can also be used bucket feeding method. The shape of the trough has a big impact on the feedings of the chickens. The trough is too shallow and there is no wastage of feed to cause more feed waste. In the process of breeding chickens, the feed silo, automatic ladder type layer feeding system and feed troughs are all significant and will bring you more convience and spare time.

Water supply equipment in Chicken Drinking System

From the perspective of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, nipple drinker of poultry drinking system is the ideal water supply equipment, you must choose a good quality watertight waterer. Caged chickens and laying hens now use the most common or V-shaped sink, water often water, but every day to spend energy to scrub the sink. Flat raising brood can be used hanging tower automatic drinking fountains, both sanitary and water-saving.

H Type 3-tier cage with poultry drinking system

Do the chicken feeding and drinking job well will add your poultry farming value and make chicken cage equipment play a best performance. If you have any intention to buy our chicken farming cages, please contact us and inquiry immediately.