How to Observe Chickens to Keep Healthy?

Chicken farming seems to be a relatively simple work, but in the actual breeding process requires farmers to understand and master the matter is very large, and only farmers will grasp all aspects of the situation, then chicken farming is likely to succeed . The following farming equipment factory mainly to farmers to popularize some of the needs of farmers during the routine observation of some of the things.

1. Observe the chicken cocks and meat droop color. Under normal circumstances, healthy chicken cocks and meat hanging color is bright red. If the chicken’s cockscomb or meatlooper appears white, then the body consumes too much, usually the lack of nutrition of the resting chickens. If the chicken cocks and droop color is yellow, there may be malfunctioning or parasitic diseases. If the cockscomb or meat droplet is purple, then the flocks have fowlpox or fowl cholera. If the cockscomb or meatloaf color is black, then the flocks have Marek’s disease and fowlpox or when frostbite.

2. Should pay attention to observe the appetite flocks. Strong appetite in chickens indicates that chickens are in normal physical condition and healthy without disease. If there is a loss of food in a flock, it may be due to a sudden change in feed or a choking of the flock. If the flock does not eat, it indicates that the flock is in a seriously ill condition. If the flock appears abnormal food, it indicates that the chickens feed undernutrition or lack of minerals or trace elements.

3. observe the flock’s mental state. Healthy flocks that grow generally behave in a lively and responsive manner. If you find that some chickens are gloomy, puffy, with drooping wings and breathing sounds, they may be precursors of the disease.

4. Observe the situation of foul liver door. During the laying of flocks, there are traces of faecal contamination around the anus, cut-off or non-laying flocks, anal cleanings, and plump feathers. If you find the fowl around the anus with yellow, green droppings or mucoid attachment, then the flocks have disease.

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