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Chickens vaccination work is one of the most important things for poultry farmers must pay attention to. A reasonable epidemic prevention can reduce or avoid the occurrence of various diseases, a substantial increase in farmers’ benefit of raising chickens, then how to prevent chickens from disease?

Develop their own immunization program: Farmers in the immunization process should not follow the immunization program of other farmers to use, because each chicken farm and flock development status is not the same, others are not necessarily suitable Their own flocks, farmers need to be based on their farm conditions, flocks and the prevalence of disease in the region to develop a reasonable immunization program.

Carry regular immunization: Epidemic prevention work is not only done once you can get long-term results, farmers need regular immunization, repeated vaccination, so as to be able to ensure that chickens have a lasting immunity.

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Stop drinking water when carry water epidemic prevention: If the farmers are using the method of drinking water, then farmers should pay attention to stop 2-3 hours before immunization, so that when the flock of chickens will be immunized at the end of immunity, There are also after immunization should pay attention to stop an hour or so, you can get a better immune effect.

Take the disinfection regularly: a reasonable disinfection of the chicken coop pathogenic microorganisms can be killed to reduce the spread of bacteria, which can reduce the incidence of disease, another reasonable disinfection to create a good health conditions of the shed have a very important impact on the immune effect Only when the flocks and poultry houses are hygienically prepared and the defense mechanism is active and active are vaccines vaccinated to produce a strong immune response。

Choose a reasonable vaccine: the quality of the vaccine can have a direct impact on the immune effect, so when the choice of vaccine farmers from the local animal husbandry department licensed veterinary pharmacy to buy, and to look for is the country’s manufacturers have allowed Approval number of qualified products. After use empty packing bottles should be buried immediately deal with, can not just litter, so as not to mutagenic virulent mutations and secondary infection.

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