Equipment for Chicken Farming-The Best Poultry Farming Equipment

Equipment for Chicken Farming-Layer Chicken Cage Equippment

Poultry equipment for chicken farming in Livi Macinery all have the features of automatic operation and specific design. Chicken rearing equipment also include three types of automatic chicken cage system. Automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic pullet rearing equipment and automatic broiler rearing equipment all have their specific features. Let’s take the automatic layer rearing equipment as an example. Layer chicken cages system in our industry have two types-A-type and H-type cage system. The layer chicken cage system have many sizes such as three tiers and four sizes. The size of three tiers is 1950mm*350mm*380mm for A-type. And the four tiers is 1950mm*450mm*410mm for A-type. For H-type layer chicken cages system, there is four tiers used in most layer farming cage system.Four tiers of layer chicken cage is widely used in our industry.

Equipment for Chicken Farming-Broiler Chicken Cage Equippment

The automatic broiler rearing equipment also is our industry’s representative cage system. Most clients choose to our broiler rearing equipment for the reason of intensive management. Broiler equipment for chicken farming in Livi Machinery will save land resource and manpower cost. Livi Machinery nowadays adopt the H-type chicken cage for the most poultry farmers need. Broilers will need more space in the late of broilers’ growth. Therefore, Livi broiler chicken cages can meet the demands for our customers. With the ladder type broiler chicken feeding system, the flocks can be more healthier and even in their body nutrition.  The broiler rearing equipment most adopt the H-type.

Chicken rearing equipment industry and chicken cage nowadays all adopt the advanced chicken rearing equipment system in the stiff competitiuon poultry farming market, while Livi machicnery believe that the best quality and suitable design for our clients can be the most factors. Beside the quality and design, we also provide best service for your need. Justtell us what the quantity of chickens and how much area of your chicken farm, we will give you the best poultry farm plan and price for you.

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