Cages for Layers Chickens in Poultry Farming Cage System

Chicken cages for layers chickens are a popular form of laying hens at home and abroad. The reason is because the design of laying hen cages provides a comfortable environment for chickens so that they can play a better role in the breeding process. The main advantages of the layer cages design are the front net and the cage door in Livi Machinery. The main advantages of cages for layers chickens are the density of cage feeding and the angle of getting-out-eggs. Cages for layer chickens in poultry farming cage system and rearing equipment are good. Our industry have the cages for layers chickens equipped with automatic egg collection system.

The cages for layers chickens also equipped with automatic layer feeding system. This poultry feeding system can help laying hens get enough feed with our automatic machine. You don’t have to add feed by manural labour. Thus, you can save much a lot of time to do any other important things instead.

Automatic layer cage system with automatic egg collection system have the good design and advanced technology.

Reasons for Choosing Cages For Layers Chickens in Livi Machinery

  • The scientific cage design will not cause dead for laying hens,  reducing the chicken’s fatigue in the cage effectively and the egg production rate, and the egg breakage rate is zero.
  • The chicken cage adopting the national standard Q235 steel material has good elasticity, which does not deform and bend down.
  • Double galvanized, so that the cage can not embroider within a few years, the service life can reach more than 16 years.
  • The position the chicken eats can be changed arbitrarily, and it can accommodate more chickens to eat together.
  • Simple structure, less material used.
  • Installation control is relatively simple and easy to use.
  • Reduce the chance of chicken injuries.
  • It can better protect the feathers of chickens.

Livi Poultry Machinery can give you best quality cages for layers chickens and poultry farming equipment. Please feel free to inquiry us at your convenience.