Chicken Poultry Farm Equipment for Broiler Rearing Equipment

The New Stage For Broiler Rearing Industry

The current chicken raising industry has been transformed from the traditional free range farm to the battery cage farming mode. The benefit brought by raised mode of chicken poultry farm equipment is very considerable. With the continuous development of livestock and poultry husbandry, an international livestock husbandry machinery company and China Agricultural Machinery Institute developed a four-tier poultry battery cage equipment for broiler rearing equipment with the poultry feeding density of 26 to 28 per square meter, which is a great progress for broiler poultry farm equipment. The area is more than doubled, saving both the construction area and the efficiency of cage raising.

Battery cage system for broilers are becoming and more popular in for broiler raising industry.

Your Broilers Are Farmed in Such Good Cage System

The broiler battery chicken farm equipment series products are: four-tier of broiler rearing cages and the accessories equipment for broilers such as the trolley feeding machine, automatic chicken manure cleaning machine, poultry ventilation machine, automatic drinking water and feeding system.

Some of poultry farmers choose our poultry farm equipment for broiler products lack of relevant knowledge for them, thus, when you are going to purchase it, you should know the following knowledge. Let’s look at the knowledge of broiler rearing cage products.

The poultry farm equipment of broiler rearing cage mesh material is high quality broiler rearing cage mesh adopted the steel wire, which are sprayed by electrostatic process so the tensile strength up to 490MPa, elongation up to 23%.

No matter what types of broiler rearing cage system, you can finally find out the one that suitable for your farm and chicken coop.

Firstly, broiler rearing cages can reduce the incidence of epidemics. Broiler can not in contact with the feces, which is conducive to controlling the occurrence of diseases. Chicken feces leaks under the cage and can be cleaned in time. At the same time, fan ventilation in broiler house is able to reduce the harmful gas content in the house.

Secondly, because chickens are kept in cages instead of the ground, which is conducive to air circulation and provide suitable environmental conditions for broilers.

In addition, broiler chickens raised in broiler cages reduce the cost of disease prevention and reduce their own physical energy consumption. Broiler cages limit the activities of broilers, reduce energy consumption, shorten production cycles, and greatly increase the number of slaughtered broilers per unit volume.