The Automation of Poultry Farm Chicken Cages For Sale

There are various kinds of automation poultry farm chicken cages for sale in Livi Machinery. With the development of chicken cage farming equipment, the application of cages to raise chickens has become more common. Especially in some modern chicken farms, automation chicken cage system equipment has become the best choice for many poultry farmers.

Poultry farm automation equipment can be divided into egg laying chicken cages, broiler rearing cages, baby chicken cages equipment and chicken farm supplies. Poultry farm equipment of chicken cage system can also be divided into stepped type and battery chicken cage type. Before you start your chicken farm business, you may know more about the characteristics of each type poultry farm chicken cages for sale. 

Poultry farm chicken cages for layers are dividewd into two types, the A type cage systems are low cost and easy to operate.

 The advantages of ladder-type chicken cage equipment:

  • Compared with stacked cage systems, this type chicken cages for sale investment can be lower. At the same time, the egg laying hens can obtain more breeding areas and increase the egg production rate with the equipment of egg collection machine. Egg laying chicken cages for sale are equipped with an automatic egg grading and cleaning machineto increase the cleanliness and deficiency of the eggs.
  • Automatic drinking water system equipped with layer chicken cages for sale can ensure equal pressure in the nipple to ensure that the water of the layer of chicken. For ease of maintenance and repair, the poultry cage system can be controlled according to the suggested steps.

Poultry farming cages for layers are very easy to oprate and save more manpower for your farm.

Battery Chicken Cage Equipment for sale

  • The battery chicken cage adopt the electrostatic plating spraying process, corrosion resistance, service life of up to 15 years, high-density farming to save land, than the step-by-step land-saving about 70%, so that raising the density to 62 / square meters or more;
  • The Centralized management in your poultry farm, saving energy and resources, adopting advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems, and automated control systems to fully save energy, improve labor productivity, and increase the ratio of eggs;

The most feature of our poultry farm chicken cages adopt the ecological/environmental protection, which is the ideal breeding equipment for safe eggs and environmentally friendly egg products.