Cages for Broiler Chickens in Poultry Farming Cage System

It is well known that broilers are better kept in cages. Cages for broiler chickens allow to provide broilers with a comfortable living space. And so, if you’re going to keep broiler chickens, it’s worth buying cages for broiler chickens.

The Basic Construction of the Cage for Broiler Chickens.

In general, the cages for broiler chickens (in other words, the automatic broiler rearing equipment) consist of four parts, specifically, from grids for keeping broiler chickens, a metal frame, feeders and manure trays. This is the basic construction of  poulry cage system for broiler chickens.

Poultry farming for broiler cage equipment mainly refer to H-type cage equipment.

Our automatic broiler cage system are made entirely of steel, and the mesh for broiler cages is made of steel, and the skeletons are metal. At least in the market there are plastic feeders for chickens, but we prefer metal feeders, because the metal is stronger than plastic. Another reason for this, we sell some poultry accessaries for keeping broilers, for example, the automatic broiler feeding system. In this system, to some extent there is friction between the feeder and feeders. we choose metal feeders so that our cages for broiler chickens can be used for a long time. If you still want plastic troughs, you can replace plastic troughs with metal, and the price will be different, cheaper.

The drinking nipples for broilers make a big influence for broilers growth.

The automatic broiler drinking system are the most poultry waterer system in poultry supplies. With the high sensitivity of all-round water (360°) supply, the application of nipple drinkers is of great significance in the arid land of water resources. Moveover, Watertight and impermeable chicken waterer can ensure the dryness of chicken droppings. According to experiments, nipple drinking fountains can save 75-80% of water than sinks, ensuring that the water supply is sufficient and not spilled. This poultry waterer provides clean, hygienic and sufficient drinking water with excellent quality to serve for the broiler battery cage equipment.

The specific design of poultry drinking nipples guarantee the good utilization of water.

There are the basic parameters of the cages for keeping broilers, it is impossible to list all, because we supply very many different-sized poultry batteries for broilers. By the size of your house, you can order the broiler poultry cage system whose parameters are according to your requirements.

Our broiler battery cage have the complete poultry farming supplies in the modern poultry industry.

What Kind of  Poultry Cage system do we Sell for Broiler Chickens?

By type, we sell only two types of cages for broiler chickens. It is multistage and stepped. You can say differently, type A and type H.  While from the effectiveness of poultry farming equipment, we keep the vertical H-type broiler cages in our chicken cage systems. If  you have any problems, please contact us and inquiry us at your convenience.