Automatic Chicken & Poultry Waterer | Poultry Nipple Drinking System

What is a poultry nipple drinking system in chicken waterer?

The nipple drinking system is primarily designed to provide sufficient clean water for chickens, and our nipple drinking system is suitable for drinking for various types of birds, including laying hens, broilers, chickens and even ducks.

The most important features of poultry drinking system is that clean water for poultry is available at any time. For poultry farmer farmer, this is also an opportunity to reduce the amount of your own labor and time expenses. Therefore, the system of nipple drinking is very popular automatic poultry waterer among poultry owners.

Chicken nipple drinking system of poultry waterer are very hygienic poultry drinking machine cater to poultry waterer market.

Composition of nipple drinking system

The automatic nipple system of our company includes a water filter, a medicator, a water pressure reduction valve and a drinking bowl.Our chicken waterer consists of the basic elements: pipe,(about 25 mm in diameter, 4 m long), non-drip drinkers, droplet collector. (drip tray)

Tips for installing a nipple drinking system

In order to save water, during installation of the nipple drinking system, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the connection between the nipple drinkers and the water pipe. The installation of drift catchers also coincides with this goal.

To install nipple drinkers for chickens is necessary and at a certain angle. Nipple drinkers of automatic chicken waterer system are able to work properly if they deviate from the vertical by no more than 30 °.

The process of nipple drinking system installation are in good carefulness to meet normal work.

The poultry waterer of nipple drinking system is suitable for different poultry farming cage for chickens, in particular, for automatic layer drinking system, automatic broiler drinking system and automatic pullet drinking system. The water pipe should be installed at such a height on which the requirement is met.

Advantages of the automatic poultry waterer for chickens

First, with nipple drinking system in our automatic poultry waterer system, clean water is always available to the chickens. Secondly, the bird remains always dry. This is most important for chickens, because small chickens and chickens need a warm, dry and clean room. Thirdly, nipple drinkers are very convenient for chicken.

We can supply you the customized nipple drinking system to meet your needs.


The nipple drinking system of chicken waterer system is the best assistant to a farmer for the mass keeping of domestic chicken breeding.We supply high-quality and different colors poultry breeding equipment for poultry farms, including battery cage equipment for laying hens, poultry farming equipment for broiler products, and baby chicken cage system.

If you want to install the poultry waterer equipment on your farm, please contact us immediately! Our specialists will always help you, we can offer you the best option for your farm!