You Are Bound to Choose Following Chicken Cages Equipment for Sale in Your Chicken Farm

The Reason Why You Chooes Livi Chicken Cages For Sale

Most large or middle scale chicken farms have the same characteristic of introducing the high-efficiency chicken farm equipment and more advanced farm chicken tips. We believe your chicken farm industry could have better earnings for the reason of owning a complete automatic chicken farm equipment in Livi Machinery.

The complete equipment of chicken cages for sale include layer poultry farming equipment, poultry farming equipments for broilers products and baby chick farming equipment. Each type of chicken cages for sale can be divided into two types – ladder type cages for sale and stacked cages for sale. And the poultry farming equipment for broiler products can also be divided into flat raising and battery cage raising mode. You can chooce the suitable chicken cages for sale and raising mode for your chicken farm equipment.

Chicken farm equipment for sale in Livi Machinery have the ability of long service life and automated large scale farm.

The Detailed Advantages Would Assure You That You Need it

All wire meshes of  chicken cages for sale are electrostatically sprayed, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than that of common cage wire mesh. If you want to keep the poultry farming business for a long time, and the chicken cage farm equipment for sale can make a good a performance in your chicken farm.

Next, you may learn about our automatic chicken feeding system in our whole chicken farm equipment. The automated chicken feeding system consists of feed silos, drives, feed pipes and augers .With the sealed design, automatic feeding can improve the efficiency of management, reduce various cross-infection, and achieve a high degree of automation of the entire chicken farm production process.

In addition, Livi Machniery provide the automatic gantry feeding machinery and automatic ladder type feeding machine to match your chicken cage equipment. For newly built poultry house, the features of simple and efficient structure as well as lower cost are more suitable for you to invest. And the ladder type of hopper trolley feeding machine are the top feeding machine with features of compact features, smooth and accurate feed drop,and taking up smaller space in your chicken house.

Feeding trolly machine can take up smaller space in your farm.
Gantry feeding machine in your poultry farm are the low price and simple structure in poultry farm.

We insist on that quality and automatization are our objective. We know that the lower cost on the poultry farming equipment is your principle, than we can make sure the advanced modern chicken farm equipment and chicken coop design we offered you are the best one!

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