Why can fully automatic chicken farming equipment improve breeding efficiency?

Automatic chicken farming equipment is one of the important breeding and hair breeding. Laying hens are raised in battery poultry chicken cages, and different types of cages are divided according to the type of chicken and the age of the chicken, and then equipped with equipment for picking eggs, drinking water, cleaning manure, ventilation and cooling.

What are the automatic chicken farming equipment?

Battery poultry chicken cages: It has three types: layer cage, broiler cage and brooding cage. Because of the high breeding density, it is conducive to chickens to prevent epidemics and other advantages. Now chicken cage breeding has become the main trend. Chicken cages breeding can save space, prevent diseases, and improve the survival rate of chickens.

Automated manure removal system: widely used for cleaning livestock manure for raising poultry, can be unmanned management, can automatically clean manure regularly, the operation is simple and fast, automatic and manual crawler manure cleaning is very convenient, chicken manure follows the crawler manure The operation of the machine falls to the end and is transported by a manure cart, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Automatic egg collection system: The eggs roll out of the cage and onto the egg carrying belt, and then the carrying belt will be transported and automatically collected in one place. This reduces the labor of egg collection workers and improves labor efficiency.

Automatic feeding system: Farmers only need to press the button lightly, and the automatic feeding system will feed the chickens. A farm of 50,000 chickens can be fed evenly within one minute.

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