Want to own an automatic chicken farm using battery cage systems in Nigeria?

Reasons for choosing to start a poultry farming project in Nigeria

Before you start a poultry farming business, there are reasons to start a poultry farming business using battery cage systems in Nigeria.

There are many poultry farms in Nigeria, but now the demand for poultry products has not stopped.

  1. In Nigeria, the government supports the development of poultry farming. This is undoubtedly advantageous.
  2. The poultry market is in high demand for eggs and chicken.
  3. Using modern poultry farming equipment can carry out intensive farming and save worry and effort.
  4. Will bring high returns and be a constant source of income.


layer battery cage
battery layer chicken cage


Determining the type of poultry to farm

In Nigeria, most people think of poultry farming for eggs and chicken. However, he is a broad market. To ensure the smooth success of your business, you can choose between two types of poultry farming in Nigeria: layers or broilers.

Develop a poultry farming plan

A comprehensive plan is an important step in developing your poultry industry. Before you start your poultry business, make sure you have a detailed business plan in place.

Build chicken house and buy automatic chicken raising equipment

Build a house for your laying hens or broilers suitable for poultry battery chicken cages. There is an option to purchase automated chicken raising equipment from China. Choose a trusted poultry equipment supplier in China – Livi machinery. We can provide you with competitively priced battery cage systems in Nigeria as well as premium equipment quality.

buy chickens and raise chickens

At this point, you have completed the structure. The chicken raising equipment has been purchased, and you need to place the chicks in the equipment. This is where the real business begins. Purchasing chicks is also very noteworthy as the health of the chicks is the first step to a successful farming business. It is equally important to manage chicks, be sure to do a good job of defense, provide poultry with high-quality feed, clean water, and a good environment.

grow your brand

If you want your poultry farm to stand out in Nigeria, you have to grow your brand. This way your product is liked by many customers. If necessary, you can also build a showroom  to showcase your products for customers to choose from.