The significance of using chicken cage in kenya

What is the significance of using chicken cage in kenya? If want to raise chickens on a large scale in Kenya. It won’t work without equipment.  What are the functions of commonly used chicken farming equipment?


The first is the insulation equipment in the chicken house. After all, winter is severely cold. In order to give the chicken a good living environment. Naturally, insulation equipment is needed. There are two types of exhaust equipment installed and fixed in the chicken house.

Chicken cages in kenya

One is the exhaust panel installed on the roof. It exchanges with the air in the chicken house through natural wind. The size of the installed tuyere determines the wind power of the chicken house. Exchange conditions with air. The other is to install fans or exhaust equipment in the chicken house. The fan sends fresh air to the chicken house. The exhaust device exhausts the odorous air from the chicken house. Ventilate the chicken house.



chicken house lighting

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Install lighting equipment in the chicken house. Install heat preservation lamps in the chicken coop. When the climate changes or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. The heating lamp should be turned on. To reduce the large temperature difference. Avoid the chicks from the climate pressure. In addition to insulation. Lighting fixtures should be installed elsewhere. Generally speaking, energy-saving lamps are used in chicken coops. Can completely illuminate the normal diet of chickens.


Many farmers use chicken cages in kenya. It is very convenient to raise and manage them in a cage. Every chicken is fed the same way. There is no confusion, and the disease is discovered very early. To prevent chickens from fighting each other and grabbing food. For example, the height and space of chicken coop and large chicken coop are different. Their drinking water and heat preservation equipment are also different. Install manure scraping equipment or conveyor belt type manure cleaner in the cage. Realize automatic manure removal. Reduce labor costs.


The use of chicken cages to raise chickens reduces the range of chicken activity. Save the chicken’s physical strength. Hot-dip galvanizing process for caged chicken complete equipment. Corrosion and aging resistance. The service life can be as long as 15-20 years. Effectively improve the utilization rate of the chicken house area and increase the breeding density.


The above is about the significance of using chicken cage in kenya. More speaking, it can increase the economic benefits of farmers. For large-scale breeding. It still makes a lot of sense. Hope to help farmers.