Poultry Battery Cages for Sale – Why is so Important?

Reasons for You to Buy Poultry Battery Cages

Poultry battery cages are special equipment used in the chicken cages manufacturers, which produce large-scale poultry battery cages for sale. The upper and lower tiers of battery cages are completely overlapped, or three-tier, four-tier, or even eight-tier stacking poultry battery cages, so that the density of the poultry farming is greatly improved, and the utilization of the applied area of the chicken house is extremely high. Livi Machinery also have different specifications for layer, broiler and pullet cage equipment.

The efficiency of poultry battery cage has also been greatly improved, saving production costs and reducing consumption. However, for chicken cage system equipment, it is necessary to cooperate with various poultry supplies, air ventilation equipment and poultry manure removal system in order to improve the overall performance. The requirements for these facilities must also be relatively improved, and in order to facilitate management, it needs To improve and innovate galvanized poultry battery chicken cages to solve the disadvantages of inconvenient inspection of chickens in chicken cages.

Battery cage equipment for poultry are the hot selling poultry equipment for farmers.

The Complete Equipment Serve for Poultry Battery Cages

The central automatic egg collection system with specific technology, the smooth poultry feeding system, the manure removal system, the automatic water supply system, and the stable environmental control system have been able to realize the unattended interior of the chicken coop battery cages. As the land becomes more and more expensive, the labor cost has become higher and the existing fresh and fresh. The high-level automated poultry battery cages farming has become the current trend of the development of the poultry industry.

Chicken supplies are necessary equipment for poultry farming.

The Raw Materials – A Cornerstone for Poultry Farm

1.The raw materials adopt high-quality national standard Q-235 high-speed wire.

2.The tensile strength of wire rod raw material reaches 490MPa, and the product elongation rate reaches 23%. It can effectively ensure that the steel wire maintains permanent high hardness and high elasticity, so that the product is not easily deformed when used for a long time. Compared with other types of wire mesh, the service life of the product is more than 15 years.

3.Adopting international leading wire drawing equipment and wire drawing technology, the surface of the steel wire is smooth, free from lacerations, scratches, and other harmful defects. After the chicken cage mesh is formed, it can effectively prevent chicken foot damage and prevent wire laceration and staphylococcus infection caused by foot infection in chickens.

The poultry battery cage system adopt the galvanized and static spraying process which can greatly prolong the service life.

To improve on the basis of the advantages of poultry battery cages for sale, we believe that in the future development,we will certainly be more gratifying achievements.

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