Laying hen chicken cage in poultry farming for sale in Ghana

Livi Machinery poultry cage manufacturer has the ability to provide you with high-quality poultry farming equipment in the poultry business market in Ghana. If you want to raise more than 10,000 laying hens, we are happy to provide you with laying hen cages in Ghana.

Characteristics of poultry layer system

  • All chicken cage nets (including door nets, bottom nets and clapboard nets) supplied by poultry cage manufacturers are hot-dip galvanized, and corrosion resistance is its characteristic. In this way, the use time of the chicken coop is longer.
  • The poultry chicken cages provided by livi machinery has a door net that can be opened, so that in the poultry farming industry in Ghana, the laying hens are very convenient for transferring in and out.
  • With the use of an automatic manure removal system, chicken manure will not be stored in the chicken house and affect the environment of the chicken house. The chicken manure will be transported to the outside of the chicken house. Farmers can sell the chicken manure to increase their income.
  • The breakage rate of eggs is very low. There is a scientific design angle. When the hen lays eggs, the egg collection will roll out along the slope. The flat egg protection track enables the hen to lay eggs in the slot with almost no broken eggs, and can also prevent the hen from eating eggs.

Livi Machinery’s poultry farming equipment manufacturer supplies high-quality poultry farming systems to Ghanaian farmers. We have established a deep trade relationship with Ghanaian farmers for more than 20 years. Here, we also welcome poultry farmers from Ghana and all over the world to establish cooperative relations with us. Livi Machinery will not let you down.