How to Keep Chickens in Your Chicken Run in Hot Summer?

Some Problems In Your Chicken Run in Hot Summer

After entering the midsummer days, the weather in summer is extremely hot, and high-temperature days appeared throughout the country. How to keep chickens in your chicken run for laying hens? This kind of weather condition is a big trial for chicken farmers to keep chickens. Some chicken runs have the specific poultry farming environment control system to make every effort to cool down the chicken house’s temperature. I have to say that the poultry house farming equipment for poultry supplies is quite useful for yourlaying hens.

Beside the application of environment control system in some chicken runs, farmers also should know the measures of keeping chickens in hot Summer. There are some measures for you to deal with it.

The chicken run should be ventilated in hot summer.

The machine of ventilation system can hepl your hicken run a good air circulation.

The first defense in summer: prevent chickens from ammonia poisoning. If it does not adopt measures, chicken excrement will not only pollute the environment of the coop, stink and smoke, but also be able to attack harmful gases, affect chicken growth and egg production. Most worse, the excessive ammonia stimulation would damage the chicken’s respiratory mucosa, which is a high incidence of respiratory disease for keeping chickens in a heavy ammonia chicken run.

In high temperature conditions, it will accelerate the chemical reaction of chicken droppings and generate a lot of ammonia gas. If the poor ventilation of the chicken house is used, the ammonia concentration of the chicken house is higher, so the ammonia concentration in the chicken house in the hot summer season is easy to exceed the standard.

Some Steps You should Do

Farmers should keep the chicken run have a good ventilation and cool. High temperatures and high humidity will accelerate the onset of ammonia in chicken manure. Therefore, when cooling the chicken run, we recommend you should not spray the water directly onto chicken manure and do not splash water to cool the house floor. You can use spray cooling, and strengthen the ventilation measures to reduce the ammonia concentration in the house.

To clean chicken manure in a timely manner. According to the plan of the chicken house, it usually takes two to three days to clean it up, but in the hot summer, it is recommended to clean it once a day. Farmers should know that chicken manure is the origin of ammonia, in order to reduce the chicken run’s ammonia gas attack, we should start from the source.

After the chicken excrement is sorted out in time, the specific drugs for killing mosquitoes and flies should be added to the chicken excrement and then cover the film, which can effectively control the attack of the mosquitoes and flies. As long as the chicken dung is well handled, the breeding of mosquitoes and flies can be achieved to a large extent, and the probability of mosquito-fly-borne diseases will be greatly reduced when keep chickens.

The poultry manure removal system can solve the problems of chicken disease.

The automatic poultry manure removal system in Livi Machinery can realize unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, and time can be set arbitrarily. You will don’t worry about the feces in your chicken run with our keeping chickens tips and equipment. Welcome your inquiry!

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