How to Choose Chicken Equipment Nipple Drinker?

Chicken nipple drinkers of chicken drinking fountains are an indispensable poultry drinking equipment in poultry farms. Nowadays, the most common types of drinking fountains in farms are nipple drinkers. So in recent years, manufacturers of nipple drinking fountains are also more numerous, but each manufacturer’s product is not the same in terms of materials, so how can farmers buy the equipment with high quality and low price?

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How to Choose The Chicken Nipple Drinkers?

Choose the reliable and professional poultry farming equipment for sale products with follow-up service and after-sales service of poultry rearing equipment manufacturers.

Poultry farmers should determine the performance of chicken nipple drinkers based on the type of chickens they farm. The valve opening force is about 40 grams, which is suitable for adult chickens. The valve opening force is about 10 grams, and baby chickens can be used.

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Drinking nipples for chickens should easy to install and remove, easy to clean it, save the bonding cost.

How to Install The Chicken Nipple Drinkers?

There are the installation about nipple drinkers, which currently divide into two main forms. One is on the top of the cage, and the other is on the front of the cage and above the trough. In the front of the cage, the drop of water in the trough can ensure that the chicken dries dry, and the maintenance is convenient, but the feed under the water fountain is infiltrated.

The installation of nipple drinkers must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. You should comply the dos and don’ts of the chicken drinking nipples of our chicken supplies. The most characteristic for our chicken drinking nipples is the poultry automation of equipment in modern commercial poultry business.