Automatic Poultry Cage of Layer Battery Cage For Sale

Automatic Battery Cage Equipment or Manual Labour?

The automatic poultry cage chicken farm is highly automated and the chicken farm is even unattended on some holidays. At a poultry cage house with a very high stocking density, when to raise the temperature of poultry cage house, when to ventilate and when to feed, and also the management of poultry layer battery cage house light are all determined by the central control computer system of poultry management system to control them in a coordinated manner. Due to the precise control for battery cage for sale, some poultry cage farms that use automated farming equipment have very good effectiveness, and getting the high ratio of material to meat and material to egg ratio.

Layer automated battery cage system in Livi Machinery are the hot sale products.

Livi Machinery is a leading supplier of high quality poultry battery cage for sale equipment. The automated poultry battery farm equipment is our main distinctive equipment which includes poultry battery cage system, automated poultry feeding system, automatic poultry drinking System, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system and egg processing equipment, poultry farm environment control system, poultry management system and other related equipments.

As for the poultry battery cages, Livi has broiler battery cages, layer battery cages, and brooding cages. The Livi industry also produces poultry feeder and poultry waterer. And the poultry battery cage for layer cage can also be divided into A-type and H-type.

Our clients of chicken farm adopt the battery cage farming, that obtain objective benefits.

Some direct advantages of poultry battery layer cage equipment used by our clients are obvious. The special construction of layer battery chicken cage can make the chicken’s light-receiving even, so that the chicken can grow evenly and healthily, which brings about the uniformity of the whole chicken flocks, ensures that the chickens enter the market at the same time and brings the objective economic benefits to the farmer.

Chicken farm equipment for layers have two types. this is the A-type cage system.


The above are about the considerable economic benefits that can be invented for the farmer during the use of  Livi automatic poultry battery cage. We hope our poultry cage will enable the farmers to equip with them and please inquiry us if you are in need.