Wire Chicken Cages For Sale in Cage System for Poultry

Introduction of Wire Chicken Cages For Sale

Livi chicken cage and poultry rearing equipment have large quantity of wire chicken cages for automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic pullet rearing equipment and automatic broiler rearing equipment. Three or four levels of wire chicken cages for sale with the advanced metal process technology of hot-dip galvanized plating process. Adopted by Q235 internatioal standard steel cage, white PVC trough, ball valve automatic drinking water equipment, white PVC water pipes, 3MMu galvanized steel shelf and closed-loop regulator, wire chicken cages for sale can reach a very perfect performance for poultry cage system in poultry breeding manufacturers.

wire chicken cage

battery wire chicken cage for sale

Advantages of Wire Chicken Cages For Sale :

1. Cages can be used for about 15 years
2. Chicken in the growth process without mortality
3. Eggs will not be damaged or fall out of the cage with the application of egg collection system.
4. It can increase the egg production rate with the automatic performance.

Specifications of Wire Chicken Cages For Sale :
Three-level chicken cage: 195 * 230 * 156cm
Four-level chicken cage: 195 * 265 * 170cm

wire chicken cage for sale

wire chicken cage equipment

With the advanced and automatic poultry rearing equipment in Livi Machinery, we have standard integrated installation and after-sale service to achieve a good degree of your most satisfaction. Livi Machinery also provide specific wire chicken cages for sale for the medium and large scale poultry farming over 5,000 birds and poultry chicken cage system for sale, and supply full set of the automatic wire chicken cages for sale for the layer, broiler and pullet. Tell us how many chickens would you loke to rear and farm, you must guarantee your poultry chicken coop a clean and comfortable environment, which will be suitable for your chiccken breeds, and we will definitely give you best scheme for your chicken farming system.