Where to buy chicken layers cages in nigeria

Where to buy chicken layers cages in nigeria? This is a problem for many novice farmers. Check before you buy. General classification and characteristics of chicken layers cages.

There are two types of stacked chicken layers cagesand stepped layer cages. Different layer cages also have different characteristics.


Chicken layers cages in nigeria


When using stacked layer cages. Generally, a full set of automated equipment is prepared for breeding. In this way, the breeding efficiency of farmers can be improved. Increase the economic benefits in the later period. It has the advantage of less floor space during use. In this way, farmers can not only save the use of chicken coop area, but also make full use of the advantages of space in chicken coops, increasing the number of breeding farmers.


Stacked chicken layers cages can effectively isolate the flock from manure. This can reduce the chance of chicken flocks suffering from diseases due to exposure to feces. This will not only increase the survival rate of chickens. It also helps to improve the performance of laying hens.


Four tier of A-type chicken cage are in exhibition.

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Under normal circumstances. When farmers choose to use stepped layer cages for breeding. Will choose artificial breeding methods. In this way, the initial cost investment is relatively small. The stepped layer cage covers a large area.


The ventilation performance is better. This way the flock is in the process of breeding. There is no need to worry about suffocation due to excessive temperature.When using stepped layer cages for breeding. The light-receiving area of ​​the chickens can be made uniform. This will speed up the growth of laying hens. Improve its production performance.


The stepped layer cage is in the process of breeding. The manure produced by the chickens can directly fall into the manure pit. This prevents the flocks from coming into contact with feces. It reduces the chance of bacteria infecting chickens and causing disease.


Overlapping chicken coops make full use of the advantages of space. The cage is relatively high. The bottom layer needs to bear a relatively large weight. Therefore, in order to prevent the cage from being deformed during the breeding process. The phenomenon of collapse. Farmers must go to regular manufacturers to buy high-quality cages for breeding.


importance of chicken breeding equipment

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Three-dimensional development of overlapping chicken coops. Therefore, the light-receiving area of ​​each cage layer must be uneven. This requires farmers to adopt scientific installation methods when installing light bulbs in the chicken coop. So that the upper, middle and lower chicken flocks can receive the light evenly.


But be careful. When using overlapping chicken layers cages to raise chickens. Because the number of layers of the cage is higher. Therefore, it is more difficult for farmers to feed chickens. It cannot be fed to the upper flock. Or there may be uneven feeding. So in order to avoid such troubles in breeding. Farmers must prepare an automated feeder to feed the chickens.