Used Poultry House Equipment for Sale

Automatic poultry house farming equipment is the development trend of the chicken industry in the new era. Now many large and medium-sized chicken farms have basically realized automated chicken house equipment or poultry farming supplies such as automated equipment of chicken feeders and waterers. Many farmers are not very aware of how powerful of automatic chicken house equipment for sale in Livi Machinery is.

Some farmers are afraid of a lot of money that they have to invest, so there may be not much benefits that they would get. However, the benefits for your chicken house breeding industry will be paid off definitely for the whole effective farming own to introducing of automatic chicken house equipment.  

Poultry farming equipment of used chicken cage will be your suitable cgae farm for your flocks.

The Absolute Advantage of Automated Chicken Equipment

Chicken farms that use automated chicken-raising equipment look like an array of production plants. When you enter the chicken farm, you can see that the house is completely closed. Feeding chickens, feeding water, removing excrement, regulating room temperature, adjusting light, etc., as long as all items of breeding can be completed by pressing a button of poultry management system, this is the biggest advantage of automated chicken equipment.

Suppose a farmer raises 300,000 laying hens, a total of six houses are needed, each of which can raise 50,000 chickens. If the use the automated battery hens cages to raise it, the daily management of 1 worker per room is sufficient, and the poultry farm can be taken care of very well. The thing that needs to be done manually is to check the health status of chickens in the chicken farm.

large quantity of chicken eggs will bring about you much profit for you.

How is the profit of Used Poultry House Equipment for Sale?

In terms of laying hens profit, assuming a total of 50,000 chickens per house. The egg laying rates are more than 49,000 eggs, which can be produced each day, and the wholesale price per catty is 3.5 yuan. In addition to the cost, the monthly net profit may exceed 100,000 yuan that equivalent to the US dollar about more than 15,000 US dollars.

In the long run, the benefits from the automated chicken farm cages will surely exceed your expectations. And Livi Machinery also equipped with the poultry farming equipment cage system for broilers and baby chicks. You can tell us what kind of chicken house you have, we will provide you the suitable and used chicken house equipment for you.