Types and advantages of chicken poultry farm equipment

There are many types of chicken poultry farm equipment. Users are collectively referred to as chicken raising equipment. Now every chicken farm will have chicken breeding equipment. Some large chicken farms will choose to use more comprehensive equipment for chicken work. To improve the efficiency of chicken breeding. Chicken breeding equipment is constantly developing. Many equipments nowadays can automatically complete some chicken raising work. Let’s talk about the advantages of the main chicken farming equipment.

   Now the commonly used chicken poultry farm equipment in chicken farms are: chicken cage equipment, ventilation equipment, feeding equipment, water supply equipment, manure removal equipment, and egg picking equipment. Their advantages are:


chicken poultry farm equipment


   1. Chicken cage equipment: The cage method is now familiar to chicken farmers. Many farmers use cage methods to raise chickens. It is chicken cage equipment to raise chickens. Chicken cage equipment is a multi-layer chicken cage. The area of ??the chicken coop can be fully utilized. Three or four times more farming than flat farming. Greatly improve the efficiency of chicken breeding for farmers.


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  2. Feeding equipment: In the past, feeding was done manually one by one. But now is the era of intelligence, so the feeder appeared, and the feeder developed into the current automatic feeder, which is specifically for feeding cages and can feed three to five layers of cages. , The feeder has the advantages of unique structure, practicality, time-saving and labor-saving, uniform feeding, low loss, battery power supply, DC motor drive, low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small turning space, convenient maintenance, etc.


   3. Water supply equipment: There are many kinds of drinking water equipment. Among them, the nipple drinker is relatively automatic. And can save water and prevent bacterial contamination. Nipple drinker is the most ideal water supply equipment. The nipple drinker is composed of a valve core and a contact rod, and is directly connected with the water pipe. Because of the capillary. There is often a drop of water hanging from the touch rod. When chickens need water. As long as you move the touch rod, water will flow out. The chicken has finished drinking. The contact rod seals the waterway and the water stops flowing out. Farmers must choose high-quality water-tight drinking fountains.


4. Egg collection equipment: The egg collection equipment is used in the laying hens. It is dedicated to collect the eggs produced by the laying hens in one place. Generally, the chicken farms with high mechanization use conveyor belts to automatically collect eggs, which has high efficiency and reduces egg pickers. The labor force, but increased labor efficiency, so as to achieve cost-saving effects.


modern chicken breeding equipment

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5. Manure cleaning equipment: Manure cleaning is a headache for farmers. The advent of manure cleaning machines has made many farmers easier. Manure cleaning machines are widely used to remove poultry and livestock manure in cages, which can be realized. Unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, arbitrary setting of time, temporary cleaning of manure, simple and quick operation, automatic manual and arbitrary conversion.


6. Ventilation equipment: when every farmer needs to ventilate the chicken coop and cool down the temperature in summer, the use of ventilation equipment is relatively controllable. The ventilation equipment includes fans and wet curtain equipment. Their working principle is when outdoor hot air When it is sucked by the fan into the wet curtain paper full of cooling water, the cooling water transforms from liquid into gaseous water molecules, absorbing a large amount of heat energy in the air to make the air temperature drop rapidly, and after mixing with the hot air in the room, it passes through the negative pressure The fan is discharged outside.